What is the difference between Standard and PRO AXI account?

Standard account and pro account net cost (spread + commission) will be very similar. 

For a standard account, the broker will add the commission into the spread and lump the cost as one. 

While in a pro account, the broker will separate the commission and spread. 

A pro account is more meaningful if you are trading at least 1 standard lot per trade. 

For Alom and average use, a standard account is recommended. Refer to this document here on the account type recommended for you. 

axi standard account

Reminder: Only a STANDARD account qualifies for the cashback promotion (not other account types like AxiSelect etc. You must trade in the STANDARD account to fulfil volume requirements.) You need to uncheck Axi Select if you do not want an additional account.
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Updated on January 3, 2024