Free Download MT4 Divergence Indicator

Automatically plots and alerts Classical and Hidden/Reverse Divergence

Recurring Pattern with Divergence and Trading It Automatically with Expert Advisors

When divergence is combined with a price action trigger like The Alien Wash indicator and trading in a higher timeframe, it has the ability to show major reversal points. 

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What’s a MT4 Divergence Indicator?

Traders and investors incorporate our Divergence indicator with Autobox v2 and The Alien Wash price action indicator gives an explosive trade. 

Classical Divergence

Use it to identify price trend reversal. When a classical divergence occurs near to strong support or resistance level, it gives best results.

Hidden Divergence

Use it to identify price continuation pattern. When hidden divergence occurs in a strong trend, it is a very powerful indication that price will continue to move in the current direction.

Case Studies with live trades

Oil has been trending upwards for various months. In the longer timeframe, trend is up for Oil.

In the current trading timeframe, a trader can use divergence indicator to show trend reversal and thus time his/her entry.

Divergence indicator shows a classical bullish divergence and hidden bullish divergence in oil before price exploded upwards.  Such divergence signal usually happens faster than actual price movement, therefore, it is a very fantastic way to spot trade into a sweet spot.