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Binni Ong


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Tflow Course attended by more than 1500 students

Tflow® is so powerful that many students specially flew from overseas (e.g. United States, Dubai, Kuwait, UK) to attend the course conducted by Binni. She educated and shared her trading experience with so many traders. Some became so successful that they started their own private fund, some even moved on to open their own forex school.

System Expert, Entrepreneur & a mother of two

She has semi-retired at age 35 yrs old. By 38 yrs old, she decided to fully retire and concentrate on her private equity fund. Read her story of being a trader, mother and entrepreneur and probably a multi-millionaire? Oh yes, she claimed she’s a big millionaire when it comes to love from her children and family.


Corporate Trainer, Speaker & appeared in many newspapers

Binni Ong was invited to speak by BNP Paribas, CityIndex Asia, CMC Markets, Kim Eng, Singapore Exchange, Phillips Futures, ShareInvestor and other financial institutions. Miss Binni Ong gives her technical take on forex and stock markets to local newspapers regularly. She is Spirit of Enterprise Nominee 2007.

Tflow BP Class

Online training, webinar, automation

Binni Ong just loves patterns/numbers and developed many mathematical-base automated trading systems.

With online approach, more traders from anywhere in the world could gain access to these privileged trading methods and automation. 

Our Team

We love trading the market. Yet, we have our long term investments in equities, bonds and unit trusts giving us recurring returns. 

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Feby, Olive, TH

Online support team

We love our work. And to do our work and trading anywhere (in our green office, our home, our favourite cafe or in the park). 


Your client support. I’m up in the mountains away from Singapore. You can reach me easily via telegram or whatsapp


I’m watching the market and deploying robots for our team. Can’t do without my mac and my kopi (I drink Robusta from coffeshop only). I work end of every 4-hr

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I have taken a FOREX course previously and had to pay for the knowledge that you are offering free in this advanced course. Now I really am curious and interested to take up the Master FOREX Course that you offer to learn more!
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