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Tflow® Method was offered as a classroom course for about 8 years. More than 1500 students attended Tflow® Course. The method is so powerful that many students specially flew from overseas (e.g. United States, Dubai, Kuwait, UK) to attend the course conducted by Binni. She educated and shared her trading experience with so many traders. Some became so successful that they started their own private fund, some even moved on to open their own forex school.

Two years ago, Binni was so successful with her trading that she started her own private equity.  Since then, she has committed less time in training until the point that she stopped launching Tflow® course in classroom altogether.

Binni Ong 2017 financial freedom

Binni Ong -Forex Data Scientist & Systems Expert, entreprenuer and a mother of two wonderful children

Binni Ong just loves patterns/numbers and developed many mathematical-base automated trading systems.

She founded TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd and onlineforexmaster.com. She was also invited by exchanges, brokerages and banks to speak in many investment seminars and panels. She has a Masters degree from NTU, Singapore.

Latest brainchild is https://www.onlineforexmaster.com, an online forex trading course site that provides online forex training to the forex strategy she created – Tflow® Forex Strategy. Now she cycles to work everyday. She don’t want want an expensive bike, instead chose to buy a Shanghai made “Forever” (上海永久) bicycle that reminded her of how she roamed streets of Suzhou and Shanghai when she was working in China. It took her 13 mins from home to office, on steep upslope and downslope. She likes it because it trains her determination and also a way to get daily workout.

Binni rides her Shanghai forever bicycle to work

Semi-retired at age 35

She has semi-retired at age 35 yrs old. By 38 yrs old, she decided to fully retire and concentrate on her private equity fund. Read her story of being a trader, mother and entrepreneur and probably a multi-millionaire? Oh yes, she claimed she’s a big millionaire when it comes to love from her children and family.

However, many students appealed to her to run another Tflow® course especially to cater to people from overseas who specially flew in to attend that particular course. Since then she has not conducted any course, but only to appear in invited conferences and seminars by brokerages and exchanges like Hong Kong Exchange, Singapore Exchange.

Requests for her to launch Tflow® course was so overwhelming, many called from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam every alternative days asking when she will conduct the course again.  If you look the pips she produced, it’s no wonder why so many wanted to attend the course and be coached by her.

Now, you can learn Tflow® Methods again from Binni Ong!

Tflow® Methods is online now!  Advance Forex Course to learn Tflow® Methods is now complimentary and free for you to make great pips from anywhere, anytime.

So onlineforexmaster was borned

One year into full retirement, she was inspired by a question her son asked her. This prompted her to launch https://www.onlineforexmaster.com, where she wanted to empower forex traders with the ORIGINAL, TRUE power of Tflow® Forex Strategy.

Tflow® Forex Strategy is known to produce trades that EXPLODE fiercely in your face with easily few hundred pips gain (on a tightest stop loss you could imagine). A veteran in forex and equities for 20 years, she has trained many students who in turned setup their own forex schools. Many students also became full time traders or setup their own funds. These Tflow® students like to call her “Shifu”(Chinese for teacher or master) which she don’t like.

So now, learn from the true master. Take your forex course from onlineforexmaster.com. Then join her in live forex trading. See you there!

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Binni Ong trades Singapore-listed stocks, US-index futures, US stock, forex and options. She applies her proprietary method and specialises in Fibonacci, Elliot Waves, Price Action Trading methods. Binni Ong was invited to speak by BNP Paribas, CityIndex Asia, CMC Markets, Kim Eng, ListedCompany.com, ShareInvestor and other financial insitutions. Miss Binni Ong gives her technical take on forex and stock markets to local newspapers regularly. She is Spirit of Enterprise Nominee 2007. She heads her own private equity company.


Soh Tiong Hum wears multiple hats: father of 3 year old, business owner, webmaster, cook, trader and investor, writer and speaker, seo amateur and webmaster. He has more than 1 decade of trading experience in various instruments, is a contributor to various websites and magazines including SharesInv.com and IM$avvy – a personal financial planning educational website run by the Central Provident Fund Board and supported by MoneySENSE.

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