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The Alien Wash Course

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Our forex courses are conducted online. Study materials with charts, videos and online webinars at time of your convenience. 

Advance Forex Course

$ 0
  • Foundation Course
  • Essential concepts for trading
  • Basics on Forex trading
  • Videos and case studies
  • Take lessons as many times as you want

The Alien Wash Strategy

Module 1
$ 0
  • The Wash and Rinse Phenomemon
  • Recognise WR patterns
  • Why WR movement is often explosive?
  • Videos on Live trading WR
  • Take lessons as many times as you want

The Alien Wash Strategy

Module 2 + Full suite of TAW indicators
$SGD 700 till 31 Oct 2021
  • Full Strategy - Everything you need to know about The Alien Wash
  • Free 12 months The Alien Room
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Full suite of TAW indicators and Telegram trade signals


The Alien Room

The Alien Room plan is currently available to students who have completed The Alien Wash Course or have completed Terraseeds Tflow Course.

With a single TAR subscription, you have access to live and archives webinars, forex case studies, what we are trading and TAW suite of indicators. 


The Alien Room 6 months
$SGD 396 6 months
  • TAW suite of indicators
  • Market Analysis
  • Live Webinars
  • Webinar Archives

TAR 12

The Alien Room 12 months
$SGD 576 12 months
  • 27% saving*
  • TAW suite of Indicators
  • Market Analysis, Trade Ideas
  • Live Webinars
  • Webinar Archives
  • Limited time promotion - access to
    The Alien Wash Strategy Full Module
Best seller
*Savings per month as compared to a 6 month plan

TAW indicators including TAW Dashboard  included in the alienroom 

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Most frequent questions and answers

We have 2 courses – Advance Forex Course and The Alien Wash Strategy Course.

Advance Forex Course is free, no card required thus no risk if you were to sign up. Why wait, sign up now.

The Alien Wash Strategy course has two modules. Module 1 is free and module 2 is a payable course. By completing both modules, you will be equipped with everything you need to know about our proprietary The Alien Wash Strategy. Module 2 comes with 12 months The Alien Room which provides many extra benefits including the use of The Alien Wash indicators and trade signals.  

More on Advance Forex Course here.  Advance Forex Course is really the basic foundation course which you need for forex trading. Note, as much as the name is “Advance”, we simple like this name because it allows you to advance (move forward) to next stage.

We recommend everyone to take the Advance Forex Course because it is a very good course, and there’s no risk at all. We don’t ask for your credit card, it’s FREE! Sign up now.

This course provides a good starting ground for beginner in forex trading. 

Download Advance Forex Course content here.

TAW Course is unique because it is a contrarian way of trading prices and multiple timeframes. We developed a full suite of TAW indicators to provide automation to your trades. You will be alerted to trade potentials and all lines and signals will be drawn automatically on your chart. 

Start The Alien Wash Course Module 1 now since it is offered as a free module. 

Again this question is about profitability. Do whatever that would make you profitable. If you are profitable with your existing strategy, stick to it.  If you like what you are going to learn from us, like our trading style, like those monster pips, then we welcome you into our community.

Your profitability in forex trading is not entirely about making money. It is also about making those money not at the expense of your health, your happiness or your love ones.

We believe that The Alien Wash is uniquely different from many generic or paid courses in the universe. Moreover, the course is sponsored as much as 100%. Nothing to lose much. 

This is precisely the strength of online forex course. You learn at your own pace.

The maximum time permitted for Advance Forex Course is almost unlimited.

TAW Strategy Course is life time access. Take as long as you need to complete course material. Attend as many webinars as you like.  Note, the use of TAW suite of indicators is tied to The Alien Room subscription. 


We can’t offer any recourse discount. is a different setup from TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd. Although they are by same company, is a separate business unit from TerraSeeds.

I can’t promise you that you need only 15 mins a day only. Trading performance is in a way related to how prepared you are.

However there are 2 things that would really cut short your time spent in finding that Monster Trade:

  1. Read The Alien Room case studies to know what we are trading
  2. Use TAW indicators to alert you of any potential trades

Advance your knowledge with Advance Forex Course

Try it for free . No card required, no loss.