The Alien Wash Strategy + Automation

Learn. Automate.
Master Trading.

Online Trading Course – Learn trading with The Alien Wash Strategy.
If you are often washed and rinsed, it is time for a change.

The Alien Wash Strategy comes with automated robots & indicators. Advance your trading knowledge with our free courses (including The Alien Wash Course). 

TAW Plus

Full TAW Strategy + Alien Hand-holding + $500 Loss Cover. Total $1200 cashback.

TAW Strategy

The Alien Wash Course Strategy + Robots + Indicators. Total $700 cashback!

TAW Indicators & Robots

Download TAW indicators + Automated Robots +
Free MT4 indicators

Alien Hold-holding

Coaching for 12 months . Total $500 cashback + Loss Cover $500. Total value $1000!

Automation is our key to PROFITABILITY.

Your key to financial freedom is here. $2276 value. $1200 cashback

Wash >> a fake move often resulting in losses
Rinse >> a subsequent move in your original direction

Automation is our key to profitability. The Alien Wash Strategy comes with full suite of automated indicators.

Automate your trading

TAW dashboard alerting you on trade signal always

>> TAW Dashboard monitors and alerts every moment

Never miss a trade. Powerful, AI-powered dashboard to help you save time as it monitors and alerts every moment. Fantastic tool especially if you have little time to screen for trades. Get the alert, check it, trade it.  It’s so simple!

>> ALOM: TAW Trade Manager - automated trading bot

TAW Trade Manager is so simple – drag and drop and it will open a trade, determine sizing base on your risk, setup trailing take profit and stop loss.  It is managing your trades even while you are sleeping! Trade 24/7 without needing to manage the trade yourself! 

landing page taw indicator

>> TAW indicators - precision trading and time saving

Buy, sell and analyse the markets automatically. No emotions involved. Who say you need to draw lines on your chart. Focus on the most important – use our bot to trade winning trades. 

The Alien Room

Our after-course support. So much you can get with one subscription

Trade Case Studies

Join Facebook private group and see what we are trading. Interact with other Alien traders
Join facebook private group>>

Weekly Webinars

Attend live webinars with trainers. Watch webinar archives anytime, anywhere, as many time as you want.
Visit webinar page

The Alien Wash Indicators

Download Autobox and full suite of The Alien Wash indicators
Visit indicators download page

Awarded Best Online Trading Course

The Alien Wash Course is just the one course to learn trading in any instrument
for recurring winning income.

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I have enrolled trading courses with 3 different Gurus and I must admit that Binni’s “The Alien Wash Course” is the most value for money 💰! The course fee of SGD700 is 100% refundable and she also conducts 2 webinar sessions every week.
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5 months in and I’m very happy that Binni has initiated the 12 months Alien Hand Holding (AHH) program which not only provides 3 trade ideas every week but also dedicates +/-an hour everyday just so that students like me are able to analyse trades collectively and get our trade queries answered!
Wah Lim
Wah Lim
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Anyone who is seriously looking into learning a life skill and gain financial freedom should join The Alien Wash course by Binni Ong. Binni and her team are really dedicated and committed to coaching their students to be a profitable and confident trader.
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There is no better deal for fx trading courses than Binni's The Alien Wash (TAW). Course fees are refunded by their partner broker, so the course is literally FREE! This is the REAL FREE TRAINING course everyone is looking for.

Affiliate Marketing gets easier with our FULL CASHBACK arrangement

Share our course with your friends and colleagues while we pay you an affiliate fee which we would have usually spent on some marketing initiatives. High affiliate fee of 15%! 

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