How I use TAW Automations to make $2328 in 3 days – trade diary of Binni Ong

This is a trade diary of my trades of 3 days trading forex, metals, oil and indexes. Using automations like trade alert and lot size calculation, I spent less than 15 mins a day looking for trades.

Trade potentials are automatically pushed to me. In 3 days, I made a month worth of my expenses. The idea is not how much is being made – it is more about consistency and having a life while trading for money. The idea of this posting is to highlight that there are many trade opportunities. However, sometimes we are busy, sometimes we are not around to see it. 

Being notified of a trade is critical to your success to trading. Why? Many times, traders rush to a trade without confirmation (either too fast) or chase a trade after they have missed a trade (too slow).

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