The Box Theory

TH Soh devised the Box Theory in his early days of trading.

As the ‘Box Theory’ Originator, we implemented the Box theory in Year 2010 as part of our winning Tflow® Strategy to easily establish trends & price levels in multiple timeframe analysis.

It is so simple that his 7 year old son could understand.

Free Autobox v2 is now available in both MT4 and MT5

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Autobox v2 MT4/MT5 Indicator is given free to all our active subscribers with an existing Master Forex Course and/or The Alien Room subscription. 

You need to be existing Master Forex Course and/or “The Alien Room” subscriber in order to qualify for Autobox v2.

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Winning Trades in The Alien Room using TH Box Theory


GPBAUD +600pips


EURNZD +415pips


EURCAD +300pips


USDJPY +280pips

Interview with Binni Ong, original creator of Box Theory

Too many copycats of Box Theory. We are the original creator of Box Theory. Insist on the best.

MT4/MT5 Autobox – Powerful Forex Indicator for Big Movement, Direction and Price Actions

We believe that chart analysis should be kept simple and quick, thus our MT4/MT5 Autobox indicator is an efficient and time-saving tool.

Spot explosive, big move

Use in all trading conditions; shows direction in a glance

Provides strong price levels; no repaint

Spot big moves before it happens with internal strength
Spot big moves before it happens with internal strength

Spot explosive big move

  • Paints time component of a price chart and integrates into price action

  • Forex traders can differentiate a potential 500 pips movement versus a 60 pips movement trade easily

  • Incorporates higher timeframe to indicate Internal Strength

Use in all trading conditions; shows direction in a glance

  • Uses color coding with boxes to distinguish a ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ trade

  • Takes few seconds to identify direction, even a 7 year old child can do it

Bull Bear provides direction in a glance

Identify key levels with boxes. Easily spot patterns

Provides strong price levels; no repaint

  • Using box theory, forex traders can quantify support and resistance. Thus differentiate strong vs weak price levels

Real time alerts in any timeframe

  • Instant alert to your email, MT4 platform (via push notification) or on screen display

  • Alerts in any timeframe from 5mins to quarterly. Best for scalpers, swing traders or even position traders

Autobox Alerts in any timeframe from 5 mins to quarterly price movement

Key Features of Autobox

Time Saving

  • The boxes are drawn automatically with just a click… within 3 seconds!

Autobox Alert

  • Do not have to ponder and find trades blindly

Autobox Abilities 

  • Auto plot bull or bear triggers

  • See Multiple timeframe in just a single chart timeframe 

  • Receive alerts real time in any timeframe

  • Box drawn on live price action with changing of colour and alert

Video Transcript of Binni Ong Interview

Hi Binni, could you tell our audience more about your trading style?

  • I’m both a trend follower as well as hunting for the next trade that will produce a big move.
  • For forex trading, usually have about 5-8 trades a week.
  • I like to place limit order (or what we called a set and forget level), that is, determine a good price to buy or sell after a confirmed move – this is usually identified via expansion concept of TH boxes.
  • I like to trade on a retracement back to strong level after a conclusive movement (in other words, from autobox language, after an expansion)

What is the rationale behind TH box Theory?

  • TH Box measures the time component of a price action. Most of the time, traders wonder why some trades could move 500 pips easily while some trades moved by 60 pips and turned.
  • TH Box is able to spot at one glance the time component which differentiates a possible big move versus not.
  • Moreover, TH Boxes allow traders to see underlying strength of the mark

Why is it important to draw boxes?

  • TH Boxes gives you clarity of direction bias.
  • If boxes pointing down and it’s red colour, then direction bias is short/sell.
  • If boxes pointing up, direction bias is long/buy.
  • With colours, it takes a trader few seconds to identify direction.
  • It’s so easy even my son who is 7 years old now could tell me whether it’s a buy or sell with TH Boxes.

Why should a trader use Autobox?

  • Busy schedules – can do quick glance, save time analysis
  • Gives an idea of which action to take (buy or sell) – clarity of mind is especially important when you are trading. You don’t want to switch from buying to selling, then switch to buying again.
  • Lastly support resistance is the father of all analysis. With Autobox, you can form an idea of possible strong levels just by looking at boxes high and low.

What is the probability of winning by using Autobox?

  • Autobox does not provide buy or sell signal. It guides the direction of price movement – whether you should buy or sell.
  • It provides clarity so that when one is unsure, boxes and colours of boxes give you that concrete clue of what you should do. Just like Japanese use colours code to improve their productivity. E.g red is not good green is good.
  • All the alien room trades rely on Autobox as a basis. If you ask me about probability of winning, then it’s more appropriate to take about the profitability of The Alien Room trades. Till now, for 5 moths, we do not have a losing month. Nett pips win per month is average 918 pips.
  • Autobox points to us where those big moves are.