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We found the Wash & Rinse phenomenon.  Our trading and investment are automated with The Alien Wash suite of indicators.

If you're often washed & rinsed, it is time for a change

The Alien Wash Course

Everything you need to know about the Wash and Rinse phenomenon. Wash is the act of pushing price artificially which often results in losses. Rinse is the act of resuming price in the original direction. Often, a trade would have already made unwarranted losses in this fake movement. 

p.s. The Alien Wash also known as TAW

Designed for new traders and anyone interested to start trading. 

We pride in our support: 

  • Full suite of TAW indicators including TAW dashboard that screens intraday trades
  • Daily and Weekly TAW signal broadcast to your telegram
  • Weekly webinars and archive webinars
  • Trade ideas and reviews

TAW course is structured into two modules. The first module is available for FREE. The second module is 100% sponsored. You really have nothing to lose to learn TAW Strategy.

  • Lesson1: The Wash and Rinse Phenomenon
  • Lesson 2: Why subsequent move of WR if often explosive? 
  • Lesson 3: Wash and Rinse in different financial instruments
    • Forex
    • Gold and Silver
    • Indices
    • Cryptos
    • Equities
  • Lesson 4: How does Wash and Rinse pattern look like? 
  • Lesson 5: Increase the strength of a Wash and Rinse Signal
  • Lesson 6: Examples of Wash and Rinse trades using The Alien Wash Strategy
  • Lesson 1: Order book and flow within a trading day
  • Lesson 2: Multiple timeframes and breaking it down
  • Lesson 3: OB of the day and its importance
  • Lesson 4: Autobox
  • Lesson 5: TAW MTF
  • Lesson 6: Formulating a TAW trade
  • Lesson 7: Use TAW 3.0 to spot TAW trades
  • Lesson 8: TAW Dashboard
  • Lesson 9: Trade examples on Forex, Gold, Oil, Indices & Bitcoin
  • Lesson 10: Bonus – Trading Stocks with TAW Strategy

The Alien Wash Course

Why you will love it

100% Cash Refunded

The Alien Wash Course is 100% fully refunded by our preferred brokers. This means that you will attend TAW course free + receive full suite of The Alien Wash indicators

Any financial instrument

For stocks, forex, commodities, cryptos, bullions or oil. You name it, TAW can trade it.

Automated trade signals

Our TAW indicators automatically plot any signals, lines in MT4, MT5 and Tradingview. 

The Alien Wash Course is 100%

NO hidden term or condition

Established Brokers

We’ve worked with these brokers (average Trustpilot reviews more than 4.5) for decade. Your dedicated relationship manager are all ready to assist any trading matters. 

In Cash, Able to Withdraw

You are able to withdraw the sponsored amount in cash. Steps to CASH refund
1. Fund with our preferred brokers with our unique links
2. Fulfil required trade volume
3. Credit or bonus will be converted to cash

Easy Requirements

Account funding as low as SGD2,000 & low volume requirements.  Own dedicated account manager to assist in your trade matters. We negotiated  the best terms for you.

Refunded Amount $700


  • For new account only
  • You must apply for an BBM account with this link only. 
  • Minimum funding SGD5,000 or equivalent
  • The sponsored amount (SGD 700 or equivalent) is a cash bonus. Clients have up to 90 days from the date they receive the Cash Bonus to take advantage of it. 
  • Clients must trade a minimum of 1 standard lot by the end of the Promotion Period and to meet the spirit of promotion before they will be entitled to withdraw the Cash Bonus.
  • Sponsorship is from 1 Aug 20210 to 1 Nov 2021
  • Full T&C here; fill in the form below to speed up the sponsorship process


Axi full course cash refund for The Alien Wash

Refunded Amount $700


  • For new account and existing axi accounts with TerraSeeds
  • You must apply for an axi account with this link only
  • If you have an existing axi account (under TerraSeeds or onlineforexmaster ONLY), you can make a top-up funding of the minimum amount
  • Minimum funding SGD2,000 or equivalent
  • The sponsored amount (SGD700 or equivalent) will first appear as a credit and will be converted to cash for withdrawal after trading a minimum of 2 standard lots (in total)
  • Sponsorship is from 1 Aug 20210 to 31 Oct 2021
  • Full T&C here; fill in the form below to speed up the sponsorship process

Don't wait. Limited time for the FULL course refund

Attended by more than 4000 forex traders from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Australia, US, UK and many others. Our forex courses are conducted online. Study materials with charts, videos and online webinars at time of your convenience. 

Advance Forex Course

Designed for newbies and anyone interested to start trading. It’s FREE too. 

  • Trading currencies and what it means for you
  • Commonly traded currencies and which one should you start first
  • Forex direction and how you could benefit from it
  • How to read a quote
  • Understanding pips, margin, leverage, spread, interest rates
  • Calculation of profit and losses and lot size
  • How much should your starting capital be?
  • 100% growth in 4 weeks – Why forex can achieve this?
  • Forex trading hours- best time to trade
  • Forex brokers and implication to you (trader)
  • Order Types
  • Order Placement
  • Important economic data to each currency pair
  • Trading news and economic data
  • The super important index to use in Forex
  • Unlock the first key to winning – Winner psychology for any newbie traders
  • Tflow® Price Cycle – {H}elicopter Analysis
  • Tflow® Trend Analysis – Part 1
  • Price movement in fractal
  • Market Sentiment in multiple-timeframe
  • Interaction of different timeframe
  • Unlock the second key to winning – why time matters
  • Support and Resistance – Part 1
    • Using time to see support and resistance
    • Overlapping support and resistance
  • Candlestick Patterns – Part 1
  • Chart Patterns – Part 1
  • Fibonacci – Key ratios and importance of confluence

Advance Forex Course

$ 0
  • Foundation Course
  • Essential concepts for trading
  • Basics on Forex trading
  • Videos and case studies
  • Take lessons as many times as you want

The Alien Wash Strategy

Module 1
$ 0
  • The Wash and Rinse Phenomemon
  • Recognise WR patterns
  • Why WR movement is often explosive?
  • Videos on Live trading WR
  • Take lessons as many times as you want

The Alien Wash Strategy

Module 2 + Full suite of TAW indicators
$SGD 700 till 31 Oct 2021
  • Full Strategy - Everything you need to know about The Alien Wash
  • Free 12 months The Alien Room
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Full suite of TAW indicators and Telegram trade signals
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