Online Forex Trading with Tflow® Strategy, the “Earn While You Party” Trading Style

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Tflow® Forex Strategy is a price action method integrated with time:

  • Integrates price action with time. Leading and not lagging forex strategy. This is our secret to EXPLOSIVE trades and MONSTER PIPS
  • Can trade in any financial instruments, best suited for fast moving, liquid market such as forex, indices, commodities like crude oil and gold, and liquid stocks with active involvement from funds or financial institutions
  • 5 to 10 trades a week, sometimes can be more or less depending on price movement of the market
  • Tflow® has a systematic analytical framework which we require students to follow strictly

Tflow analytical framework

(Tflow® analytical framework)

Not any price action strategy. Tflow® integrates PRICE actions with TIME.

That’s the key reason for Explosive Trades with Monster Pips!

Tflow Trade Process

(A typical forex trade decision making process before placing any forex trade)

  • Swing trading style, each trade duration ranges from few hours to 1-2 days. Occasionally 2-5 days if we think this trade has energy for a more than 300 pips movement. As a rule of thumb, our profit target is about 100-200 pips and it usually takes 1-2 days to achieve it (outliers happen too)
  • No staring at screen, trade potential every 4 hour or every day. We believe that anyone trade to achieve financial freedom. How can a trader sitting in front of the screen achieve that freedom. We encourage you to maintain your daily routine, do some exercise, enjoy quality time with family
  • Second income; maintain your job/routine Quit your job only when you have achieve stability and consistency. From our students, we found that generally those who quit their job to trade full time took about 1 year to trade alongside with Binni

More than 3,000 Forex Traders trained by Binni Ong

They trade the Forex Market with Tflow® Strategy for Explosive Trades with Monster Pips! Start your Tflow® Forex journey by attending FREE Advance Forex Course.


Trade Any Instrument Including:

– Forex
– Indices
– Commodities
– Leading & not lagging method

Price Movement:

– 5 to 10 trades a week depending on market conditions

Explosive Trade:

– Monster pips
– Stress free, no need to scalping for 20 / 30 pips

Swing Trading Style:

– Trade duration from few hours to 5 days
– Average profit target 100 – 200 pips for 1 – 2 days
– 300 pips or more for 2 – 5 days

No Staring At Screen:

– Total relax trading lifestyle

Achieve More Freedom:

– Spending more time with family
– Money work for you
– Build your dream

Second Income:

– Worry free from retrenchment
– Extra bonus

Typical Forex Trade:

– Determine direction (Buy / Sell)
– Check direction flow with “TH Boxes”
– Entry for explosive move

Price Action Integrates with Time

– Integration of time into price allows explosive trades
– Earn monster pips
– Trades every 4 hour or every day only

Earn While You SLEEP.

Step 1: Attend FREE Advance Forex Course


OFM Advance Forex Course consists of two modules (module 1 and 2). These modules are building blocks to Tflow® Strategies, thus they are essential to your understanding of Tflow®.

Who should attend Advance Forex Course?

It is best suited for anyone, whether you are beginner to forex trading or already have experience.  For those with experience in forex trading, we strongly request that you take the Advance Forex Course too. The reason is there are specific terminology and concepts which is unique to Tflow® only.  We prefer that you set Tflow® groundwork firm.

What will you get in Advance Forex Course?

Not just any beginner forex course.

Modules found in Advance Forex Course are building blocks in Tflow® strategies. By itself, you can use it as your forex trading.

Free Webinars

Join live webinars where we talk about how to use what you’ve learnt.

Advance Forex Course (Module 1)

Aims to bring you into the world of online forex trading, so that you could start earning money from forex trading. It exposes you to forex terminologies, why you should consider investing and trading into the forex and currency market, how leverage can work for you, and beginners guide to forex trading such as forex broker selection, forex order types, and starting capital.  We also want you to have realistic expectations on forex trading. So we showed a live account returning 100% in 4 weeks using Tflow® but it’s only possible with proper training and much discipline.

Advance Forex Course (Module 2)

This module covers core concepts found in most price action methods: fibonacci retracement, support and resistance, candlestick, trend analysis. It is important that any forex trader masters these fundamental concepts. These concepts serve as building blocks into proprietary Tflow® strategy.

Some experience forex traders might think that they already knew all these. However, many things that we taught here are unique in its usage. Thus its important that your understanding is properly aligned so to make money from forex trading.

Onlineforexmaster Master Forex Course consists of two modules (module 3 and 4). Completing both Advance Forex Course and Master Forex Course equips you with Tflow® Strategies. We have been training Tflow® for 7 years and we have used it for our own trading for more than 10 years. Through these time, we have never changed our method to suit market conditions. As a great method, Tflow® stands the test of time.

Who should attend Master Forex Course?

If you love money (who don’t), want to maintain your lifestyle yet have extra trading income, want to trade 5-10 times a week and don’t want to stare at screen, then you must take Master Forex Course.

Why you should attend Master Forex Course?

By attending “Master Forex Course”, you will learn everything about Tflow® Forex Strategies.  Thousands of forex traders have attended Tflow® Course. Some are trading full time now, some manage it’s own private fund. Many took special efforts, flew long hours to Singapore from as far as United States or Kuwait to be specially trained by Binni Ong.

Read the funny story how Abdulmuhsen became Tflow® student 2 years ago


What will you get in Master Forex Course?

Contains Tflow® Strategies, setups, how to find trades, execution plan, trade & money management and psychology training.  Everything you need to be profitable. 

  • Complimentary 6 months The Alien Room access worth $397
  • Crazy forex thoughts
  • Automatic levels by The Alien Gift Indicator – forex AI using mathematical formula
  • Webinars
  • Online small group coaching

How different is Tflow® from other methods?

We do not claim supremacy. But Tflow® has three unique factors. First, see our students’ performance and how this live account returns more than 100% in 1 month.

1. Price Action integrated with Time, thus we can quantify support and resistance

If you could quantify support and resistance level, then you will know when a trade is going to be an explosive one. In 2014, Binni posted a tweet on shorting EURUSD. This is precisely how she predicted that EURUSD going to have a 1000 pips drop. It came true one month later!

2. TH Box Analysis - even a 7-yr old child could apply in live trading

You will also learn “TH BOX ANALYSIS” – a price concept totally unique and amazing simple yet powerful. Box Analysis allows you to unbox multiple timeframe analysis, integrating analysis from Month, Week, Day and Intraday into Tflow® Strategies. By the way, we are the original creator of Box Analysis!

In fact, with TH BOX ANALYSIS, Binni’s 7-yr old son could tell that price trend is up or down simply!

"price action trading with boxes"

3. Perfect timing with 1234 pattern, driven by fundamental news and drivers

We trade the retracement in every timeframe (but we prefer H4 and D1). 1234 pattern is our timing tool for that perfect entry that allows us to have a trade with high profit ratio. 1234 pattern is base on applied elliot wave.

Illustration of 1234 in GBPUSD short. See that explosion after our entry.

After you have paid for Master Forex Course…

That’s probably the best decision you ever made. Quick, do these 3 steps now.

Log in and attend Master Forex CourseMeanwhile if you have any questions, send us an email or telegram us (we will reply real fast if we aren’t sleeping or in trading room discussing trades). Get telegram here. Our telegram ID is @onlineforexmaster

Attend training webinars with our trainers. We will schedule routine webinars to reinforce what you have learnt with real time charts. This is also the place you could ask questions and clarify concepts. Register webinars here. Webinars archives here.

Webinars timetable announced via email, twitter and telegram.

Start your “The Alien Room” privileges.

Master Forex Course comes with 6 months complimentary “The Alien Room” (TAR) access. TAR is the place where we providing ongoing support for our students. More about The Alien Room here.

We will be sharing trade diaries and thoughts in the most convenient way for you. Trade diaries first appear in TerraSeeds Google+ page. Immediately, we will broadcast via twitter and telegram so you could receive our postings.

We strongly recommend you get these few things ready. 

Proprietary to Tflow®:

  • The mathematical way of analysing trend
  • Combine time into price analysis so we can know when a big move is to happen
  • Wash & Rinse phenomenon that happens in all markets, any timeframe which big traders don’t want you to know
  • Reversal and continuation conditions (Big Move, WRMB, H4R, H4T)
  • Winner psychology – 3 mindsets to possess for financial freedom
  • Explosive move with 1234 pattern
  • How anyone could earn while u sleep with limit orders
  • How to turn a trade into free trade and be stress free while making money





Earn While You SLEEP.

Step 1: Attend FREE Advance Forex Course