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  • 1
    Trade Any Instrument
    Forex ,Indices, Commodities. Leading & not lagging method
  • 2
    Swing Trading Style
    Trade duration from few hours to 5 days
    Average profit target 80-120 pips for 1 – 2 days
    300 pips or more for 2 – 5 days
  • 3
    Explosive Trade
    Monster pips
    Stress free, no need to scalping for 5 / 10 pips
  • 4
    Price Action Integrates with Time
    Integration of time into price allows explosive trades
    Earn monster pips
    Trades every 4 hour or every day only
  • 5
    Second Income
    No staring at screen
    Earn while you sleep or work

Proprietary to Tflow®

proprietary to tflow
  • A
    The mathematical way of analysing trend
  • B
    Price + Time
    Combine time into price analysis so we can know when a big move is to happen
  • C
    Wash & Rinse
    Wash & Rinse phenomenon that happens in all markets, any timeframe which big traders don’t want you to know
  • D
    Reversal and continuation conditions
    Big Move, WRMB, H4R, H4T
  • E
    Explosive Trades
    Explosive move with 1234 pattern
  • F
    Winner psychology
    3 mindsets to possess for financial freedom
  • G
    Free Trade
    How to turn a trade into free trade and be stress free while making money

Who should attend our forex course?

Advance Course
  • For anyone, whether you are beginner to forex trading or already have experience. 
  • For those with experience in forex trading, we strongly request that you take the Advance Forex Course too. The reason is there are specific terminology and concepts which is unique to Tflow® only.  We prefer that you set Tflow® groundwork firm.

> Download Advance + Master Course Content Outline (in PDF)



Master Course
  • You want to learn Tflow® Forex Strategies and to be successful in trading.
  • You like to know what we are trading, to be imparted with experiences (and no-nonsense methods).
  • Automation plays a big part in your trading. 

> Download Advance + Master Course Content Outline (in PDF)

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Our students using Tflow Strategy in their trades

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Master Forex Course
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  • Learn Tflow -Integrating price and time
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