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We found the Wash & Rinse phenomenon.  Our trading and investment are automated with The Alien Wash suite of indicators and robots.

If you're often washed & rinsed, it is time for a change

The Alien Wash Course

Everything you need to know about the Wash and Rinse phenomenon. Wash is the act of pushing price artificially which often results in losses. Rinse is the act of resuming price in the original direction. Often, a trade would have already made unwarranted losses in this fake movement. 

Designed for new traders and anyone interested to start trading. 

We pride in our support: 

  • Systematic trading system designed by Binni Ong after 20+ years of trading
  • Tools to automate your trade. This is the key to sustainable profitability
  • Unlimited access to our course content
  • Forever weekly live webinars
  • Trade ideas and reviews
  • Hand-holding and trade together
  • Loss cover – your losses are not your problem anymore

TAW course is structured into two modules. The first module is available for FREE. The second module is 100% fully refunded*. You really have nothing to lose to learn TAW Strategy.


  • Lesson1: The Wash and Rinse Phenomenon
  • Lesson 2: Why subsequent move of WR if often explosive? 
  • Lesson 3: Wash and Rinse in different financial instruments
    • Forex
    • Gold and Silver
    • Indices
    • Cryptos
    • Equities
  • Lesson 4: How does Wash and Rinse pattern look like? 
  • Lesson 5: Increase the strength of a Wash and Rinse Signal
  • Lesson 6: Examples of Wash and Rinse trades using The Alien Wash Strategy


Course fee of $700 has a limited time cashback promotion.

We pack in also a 12 months The Alien Room worth $576 which gives you access to our indicators and robots and twice-weekly live webinars on the latest market updates and trading themes of the week. 

Total value = $1276. 

Course content: 

  • Lesson 1: Order book and flow within a trading day
  • Lesson 2: Multiple timeframes and breaking it down
  • Lesson 3: OB of the day and its importance
  • Lesson 4: Autobox
  • Lesson 5: TAW MTF
  • Lesson 6: Formulating a TAW trade
  • Lesson 7: Use TAW 3.0 to spot TAW trades
  • Lesson 8: TAW Dashboard
  • Lesson 9: Trade examples on Forex, Gold, Oil, Indices & Bitcoin
  • Lesson 10: Bonus – Trading Stocks with TAW Strategy

12 months The Alien Hand-holding including trade together and 24 lessons of bite-size trading tips. Course fee $500 fully refunded. 

$500 loss cover – your losses are covered. 

Value = $1000

  • Lesson 1 – Getting Started: 8 Things To Know About MT4
  • Lesson 2 – 7 Things To Know About TAW Dashboard
  • Lesson 3 – Understanding Currency Pairs
  • Lesson 4 – A Guide to Market & Limit Orders
  • Lesson 5 – The US Dollar Index (DXY or USDollar)
  • Lesson 6 – The Forex Calendar
  • Lesson 7 – Pairs To Start Trading With
  • Lesson 8 – Strategy Overview: Trending And Mean Reversion
  • Lesson 9 – Trend Analysis With Highs And Lows
  • Lesson 10 – Trendline & Equidistant Channel
  • Lesson 11 – More About Autobox
  • Lesson 12 – TAW Way Of Trading Trend Following
  • Lesson 13 – Trend Reversal
  • Lesson 14 – The Way of Trading Trend Reversal 
  • Lesson 15 – TAW Way Of Trading Countertrend
  • Lesson 16 – Using A Checklist To Filter Trades From TAW Dashboard
  • Lesson 17 – Money Management & Allocation
  • Lesson 18 – Trade Management
  • Appendix Lesson 19: Enable Week Autobox In The Day Time Frame
  • Appendix Lesson 20: Lists Of Pairs To Start Trading
  • Appendix Lesson 21: The AHH Trade Checklist
  • Appendix Lesson 22: Tutorial Questions
  • Appendix Lesson 23: Tutorial Answers
  • Appendix Lesson 24: The Final Round-Up


What’s your greatest fear in trading? 

  1. Scam, lousy method 
  2. Not enough support and guidance
  3. Fear of losing

That’s why in TAW Plus, we have all your fears covered. 

  • Unlimited access to TAW module 2. Course fee $700 is fully refunded.  
  • 12 months The Alien Room where you get to use all our indicators and robots, and twice-weekly live webinars on the latest market updates and trading themes of the week. A value of $576
  • 12 months The Alien Hand-holding including trade together and 24 lessons of bite-size trading tips. Course fee $500 fully refunded. 
  • $500 loss cover – your losses are covered. 

Total value – $2276.

Your course fee for the TAW Plus is $1200 and the fee is fully refunded! We just wanted you to succeed without fearing losses.


The Alien Wash Course

Why you will love it

100% Course Fee Cashback

The Alien Wash Course is 100% cashback by our preferred brokers to your trading account with them. This means that you will attend TAW course free + receive full suite of The Alien Wash indicators/robots

Any financial instrument

For US, Hong Kong, Singapore stocks, indices, forex, commodities, gold or oil. You name it, TAW can trade it.

Automated trade processes

Our TAW indicators automatically plot any signals, lines in MT4, MT5 and Tradingview. 

>> More on the automations provided in TAW course

TAW Indicators and Robots can be used in any instruments

HSI 900 pts

Oil $3000 5 days

Tesla 18% gain

The Alien Wash Course 100%

NO hidden term or condition

Established Brokers

We’ve worked with these brokers (average Trustpilot reviews more than 4.5) for decade. Your dedicated relationship manager are all ready to assist any trading matters. 

In Cash, Able to Withdraw

You are able to withdraw the sponsored amount in cash. Steps to CASHBACK
1. Fund with our preferred brokers with our unique links
2. Fulfil required trade volume
3. Credit or bonus will be converted to cash 

Easy Requirements

Account funding as low as SGD2,000 & low volume requirements.  Own dedicated account manager to assist in your trade matters. We negotiated  the best terms for you.

Not only 100% Course Fee Cashback but your loss is also covered*!

taw course full cash refund promotion

Limited Time Promotion: 100% FULL course fee cashback!

Attended by more than 8000 traders from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Australia, US, UK and many others. Our trading courses are conducted online. Study materials with charts, videos and online webinars at time of your convenience. 

TAW Strategy

Module 1
$ 0
  • The Wash and Rinse Phenomemon
  • Recognise WR patterns
  • Why WR movement is often explosive?
  • Videos on Live trading WR
  • Take lessons as many times as you want

TAW Strategy

Module 2
$SGD 700 till 30 April 2024
  • Full Strategy - Everything you need to know about The Alien Wash
  • Free 12 months The Alien Room
  • Twice weekly live webinars
  • Full suite of TAW indicators and Telegram trade signals


Everything in TAW Module 2 + Coaching
$SGD 1200 till 30 April 2024
  • Everything in TAW Strategy Module 2
  • 12 months The Alien Hand-holding program (Ahh)
  • 4 sessions of hand-holding weekly
  • $500 Loss Cover*
    Your losses are covered!

Suite of TAW Indicators to Automate your trading

TAW dashboard alerting you on trade signal always

>> TAW Dashboard monitors and alerts every moment

Never miss a trade. Powerful, AI-powered dashboard to help you save time as it monitors and alerts every moment. Fantastic tool especially if you have little time to screen for trades. Get the alert, check it, trade it.  It’s so simple!

>> ALOM: TAW Trade Manager - automated trading bot

TAW Trade Manager is so simple – drag and drop and it will open a trade, determine sizing base on your risk, setup trailing take profit and stop loss.  It is managing your trades even while you are sleeping! Trade 24/7 without needing to manage the trade yourself! 

landing page taw indicator

>> TAW indicators - precision trading and time saving

Buy, sell and analyse the markets automatically. No emotions involved. Who say you need to draw lines on your chart. Focus on the most important – use our bot to trade winning trades. 

How to qualify for the cashback promotion?


Cashback Amount up to $1200

+ Loss Cover $500


  • For new account and existing axi accounts with TerraSeeds
  • You must apply for an axi account with this link only
  • If you have an existing axi account (under TerraSeeds or onlineforexmaster ONLY), you can make a top-up funding of the minimum amount
  • Minimum funding SGD2,000 or equivalent for TAW Module 2 cashback promotion only
  • Minimum funding SGD 5,000 or equivalent for TAW Plus cashback promotion
  • For The Alien Hand-holding Program (Ahh) cashback promotion, you will need to top up SGD$3000 or equivalent if you had already received TAW Module 2 cashback .
  • The cashback amount will first appear as a credit in the broker trade account and will be converted to cash for withdrawal after trading a minimum of 2 standard lots (in total) in forex or equivalent in the broker standard account type ONLY 
  • If you did not take the Ahh program as a package included in TAW plus, you will need to separately fulfil another 2 standard lots on top of the volume requirement for TAW Module 2. 
  • Cashback promotion is from 1 Mar 2024 to 30 April 2024. View FAQ for the steps.
  • Respective T&Cs – TAW Courses T&C,  Loss Cover T&C; fill in the form below to speed up cashback process.

Cashback Amount $700


  • For new account only
  • You must apply for an BBM account with this link only. 
  • Minimum funding SGD2,000 or equivalent
  • The cashback amount (SGD 700 or equivalent) is a cash bonus. Clients have up to 90 days from the date they receive the Cash Bonus to take advantage of it. 
  • Clients must trade a minimum of 2 standard lots by the end of the Promotion Period and to meet the spirit of promotion before they will be entitled to withdraw the Cash Bonus.
  • Cashback promotion is from 5 Dec 2022 to 31 March 2023. View FAQ for cashback steps.
  • Full T&C here; fill in the form below to speed up the cashback process.


Most frequent questions and answers

Limited time promotion. Currently, these programs qualify for the cashback promotion: 

  1. TAW Course ($700 SGD cashback)
  2. TAW Plus ($1200 SGD cashback)
  3. Ahh Program ($500 SGD cashback)

Note that if you have funded your account in a different currency, then the cashback amount will be in your funded currency and be equivalent to the stated amount above.

Note that the TAW Plus and Ahh program are applicable to an Axi account only

You will have to fulfil these conditions for the cashback amount to be deposited into your trade account. Promotion details can be found here.  

These are the steps for the full cashback promotion: 
1. Pay for the qualifying courses before the promotion date 
2. Sign up for an account with our dedicated links found here. The link allows the broker to know that you are from onlineforexmaster/TerraSeeds and that you qualify for the promotion. In other words, it is compulsory for your trading account to originate from us. 
3. Fund and trade the required volume. You are required to fulfil the volume requirement by last day of promotion + 3 months (if last day of promotion is 30 Dec 2021, then fulfil the volume by 30 Mar 2022 – if you have exceeded the deadline slightly, we can request for an extension for you). Watch this video on how you can easily fulfil the 2.0 standard lorequirement
4. Contact your account manager once you have reached the volume requirement with your TAW course payment proof or membership proof. 
5. Once approved, the cash bonus or credit will be converted as cash.  

Volume and funding requirements:

TAW Plus

  • 2 standard lots in forex or equivalent
  • The funding amount is equal to or more than SGD 5000 or equivalent
  • Only available for Axi accounts by TerraSeeds/OFM

TAW Module 2

  • 2 standard lots in forex or equivalent
  • The funding amount is equal to or more than SGD 2000 or equivalent
  • Available to both Axi and BlueBerry Markets accounts by TerraSeeds/OFM

Ahh Program

  • 2 standard lots in forex or equivalent
  • The funding amount is equal to or more than SGD 3000 or equivalent.
  • Only available for Axi accounts by TerraSeeds/OFM

In summary, if you took TAW Module 2 first and met the volume requirement for 2 standard lots, you will need to fulfill another 2 standard lots if you would like to qualify for the Ahh program promotion. 

Loss Cover is a feature included in the Ahh program in which Axi will cover your loss of up to $500SGD for a period of 90 days. 

This means that the first $500 SGD of losses that you’ve incurred within 90 days after account funding are covered.

For example, if, at the end of the 90 days, you made a loss of $450, then Axi will cover your loss of $450. It will be a no loss trading experience for you. 

If, at the end of the 90 days, you have made a loss of $700, then Axi will cover $500 losses. Your net loss will be $200. 

We wanted to make sure you could succeed in your trading. What’s better than having your losses covered?


  1. TAW Module 1
  2. TAW Module 2

After-Course Support:

  • The Alien Room
  • The Alien Hand-holding 

The Alien Wash Strategy course has two modules. Module 1 is free, and Module 2 is a payable course. By completing both modules, you will be equipped with everything you need to know about our proprietary The Alien Wash Strategy. Module 2 comes with 12 months of The Alien Room, which provides many extra benefits, including the use of Alien Wash indicators and trade signals.

If you want to have small group coaching (like a hand-holding program), then you can take TAW Plus, which includes TAW Module 2 and the 12-month Ahh Program.

TAW Course is proprietary to us and is developed by Binni Ong. The full course consists of 2 modules – Module 1 and 2. 

Module 1 is offered for free (limited time). 

Module 2 is a paid online course where students can watch online recordings and read the course material at their own pace. 

Module 2 comes with 12 months The Alien Room. With 12 months The Alien Room, you will receive: 

  • 12 months use of TAW suites of indicators
  • Weekly training webinars with our trainers
  • 12 months access to weekly training webinar archives
  • Unlimited (as long as available) trade reviews and telegram trade signals
  • One to one access to our trainers for clarifications

TAW Plus consists of two parts:

  1. Everything offered in TAW Module 2
  2. 12 months The Alien Hand-holding Program (Ahh)

For a limited time, the course fee of TAW Plus ($1200SGD) is fully refunded. Refer to the TAW Course Cash Refund FAQ above.

Additionally, you could qualify for $500SGD loss cover.

Total value is $1700 SGD.

The Alien Hand-holding Program (Ahh) is our small group coaching program. The emphasis of the Ahh program is to hand-hold you until you are confident enough to trade. You can take the Ahh program as a combined package in TAW Plus or only upon the purchase of TAW Module 2. 

For a limited time, the fee for the Ahh program ($500SGD) is fully refunded. The refund is only limited to Axi account holders whose accounts come from us.

The Alien Room (TAR) is our after-course support package.

Like Macbook is not a book, The Alien Room is not a room.

Having The Alien Room allows you to use our indicators and robots, join our weekly webinars, view recorded webinar archives, and gain access to privileged contents.

If you had already gotten the $700 TAW course refund, then you are not eligible for the $700 refund anymore.

However, you can purchase the Ahh program and be still receive a $500 cash refund and a $500 loss cover. 

We recommend students who had already received the $700 TAW course refund to sign up for Ahh. 

The total cashback amount is $1200 SGD. 

Additionally, you could qualify for $500SGD loss cover.

Total value is $1700 SGD.


To qualify for the cashback, it must be fresh funds

For example, if you want to qualify for Ahh course fee cashback and loss cover, you will need to top up $3000SGD or more (or equivalent in other currency). 

Again this question is about profitability. Do whatever that would make you profitable. If you are profitable with your existing strategy, stick to it.  If you like what you are going to learn from us, like our trading style, like those monster pips, then we welcome you into our community.

Your profitability in forex trading is not entirely about making money. It is also about making those money not at the expense of your health, your happiness or your love ones.

We believe that The Alien Wash is uniquely different from many generic or paid courses in the universe. Moreover, the course is sponsored as much as 100%. Nothing to lose much. 

This is precisely the strength of online forex course. You learn at your own pace.

The maximum time permitted for Advance Forex Course is almost unlimited.

TAW Strategy Course is life time access. Take as long as you need to complete course material. Attend as many webinars as you like.  Note, the use of TAW suite of indicators is tied to The Alien Room subscription. 


I can’t promise you that you need only 15 mins a day only. Trading performance is in a way related to how prepared you are.

However there are 2 things that would really cut short your time spent in finding that Monster Trade:

  1. Read The Alien Room case studies to know what we are trading
  2. Use TAW indicators to alert you of any potential trades