How to fulfill the volume requirements and claim your cashback?

Fulfil the volume requirements #

The volume requirement is cumulative. You can meet the volume requirement while you are trading normally/daily. Alternatively, watch this video on how to fulfil 2 standard lots. Note that 2 standard lots is $200,000 worth of trades or equivalent.

Claim your cashback #

For Axi cashback, contact Axi dedicated support team to get the cashback. Email to:

What you need to provide for the course cashback: #

1.Your membership profile or course receipt in the email request. Log into your account to retrieve these information. 
2.Your proof of the volume fulfilment

If you have incurred fees for funding, you can also claim it back from Axi by providing proof of the fees that you have incurred.

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Updated on July 11, 2023