How to troubleshoot if you have problems with installing MT4/MT5 to MacOS?

Step by step troubleshooting #

Install MT4 from #

  1. Verify system requirements: Ensure that your Mac meets the minimum system requirements for running MT4/MT5. Check the software’s official website or documentation for the specific requirements.

  2. Download the MT4 platform here.

  3. Click the file to install. Once done with the installation, you need to log in and key in the AXI Server.

Locate Axi server #

  1. Open the MT4, click File then Open an account. A new window will pop up. In the trading server window, enter Axicorp or Axi-US05-Live – AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd.

    key in broker name for macos

  2. If you can’t find the server, another way is to enter the server here. Go to tools then options and under server tab. Key in Axi-US05-Live – AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd. and your username and password then press ok.

Account Verification: #

  1. Enter your AXI or BBM username and password in the appropriate fields. 

  2. Click on the “Finish” button to proceed.

  3. Look at the bottom right part to check if you have connection after logging in.

  4. After logging in, next step is to load the indicators.
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Updated on May 19, 2023