How to get notifications from MT4?

Types of Alerts from MT4

  • Send Alerts – True if you want to send notification
  • Pop Up Alerts – Appear on your screen when it occurs
  • Email Alerts – Send email via your email setting
  • Push Notification – Onto your MT4 on your phone
  • Sound Alert – Select the audio you like

How to set the notification alert on MT4?

You are able to send notifications to your Metatrader app to alert you on trade related matters such as when trades are executed or SL shifted.
To receive alerts, follow these steps:

Host in a server or home-PC that runs 24 hours by 5 days

  • If you want to have the alerts 24 hours by 5 days, host the Metatrader with ALOM in a Virtual Private Server or desktop server. The server must be switched on 24 hours by 5 hours. Do not switch off your Metatrader platform – you have to keep it running. Refer to this document on how to setup a home server with a mini-PC.

Enable notifications in Alom

  • In ALOM EA, make “Send Alerts” and “Push Notifications” = True.

Enable notifications in your MT4

  • In your Metatrader platform (on your server), got to “Tools”(press Ctrl + O), choose “Notifications”. Enable Push Notifications.

Metaquote ID

  • Locate your MetaQuotes ID on your Metatrader app installed on your mobile.
    • Metaquote ID in Android phone: In your phone MT4 app, tap on 3 line icon at the upper left part. Click settings, then under messages you can find the MetaQuotes ID.

    • Metaquote ID in Apple phone: Go to “chat and messages”. Click on it and you will find metaquote ID at the bottom of your screen.


Where to insert your metaquote ID

  • Key in this MetaQuotes ID into your Metatrader platform. 
  • Watch the video here for instructions.

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Updated on May 18, 2023