How to qualify for the cash refund?

Note that the TAW Plus and Ahh program will only be refunded by Axi

You will have to fulfil these conditions for the cash refund amount to be deposited into your trade account. Promotion details can be found here.  

Steps for the full cash refund promotion:  #

1. Pay for the qualifying courses before the promotion date.

2. Sign up for an account with our dedicated links found here. The link allows the broker to know that you are from onlineforexmaster/TerraSeeds and that you qualify for the promotion. In other words, it is compulsory for your trading account to originate from us.
To qualify for Axi refund, click this link to apply. 

To qualify for BBM refund, click this link to apply.
3. Fund and trade the required volume. You are required to fulfil the volume requirement by last day of promotion + 3 months (if last day of promotion is 30 Dec 2021, then fulfil the volume by 30 Mar 2022 – if you have exceeded the deadline slightly, we can request for an extension for you).
Watch this video on how you can easily fulfil the 2.0 standard lot requirement.
4. Contact your account manager once you have reached the volume requirement with your TAW course payment proof or membership proof. 
For Axi, email to 
5. Once approved, the cash bonus or credit will be converted as cash. This is how the course fee is refunded into your trade account
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