How many courses are available from OFM?

Available courses in OFM:

  1. TAW Module 1
  2. TAW Module 2

After-Course Support:

  • The Alien Room
  • The Alien Hand-holding 

The Alien Wash Strategy course has two modules. Module 1 is free, and Module 2 is a payable course. By completing both modules, you will be equipped with everything you need to know about our proprietary The Alien Wash Strategy. Module 2 comes with 12 months of The Alien Room, which provides many extra benefits, including the use of Alien Wash indicators and trade signals.

If you want to have small group coaching (like a hand-holding program), then you can take TAW Plus, which includes TAW Module 2 and the 12-month Ahh Program.

Information about the courses:

About TAW course

TAW Course is proprietary to us and is developed by Binni Ong. The full course consists of 2 modules – Module 1 and 2. 

Module 1 is offered for free (limited time). 

Module 2 is a paid online course where students can watch online recordings and read the course material at their own pace. 

Module 2 comes with 12 months The Alien Room. With 12 months The Alien Room, you will receive: 

  • 12 months use of TAW suites of indicators
  • Weekly training webinars with our trainers
  • 12 months access to weekly training webinar archives
  • Unlimited (as long as available) trade reviews and telegram trade signals
  • One to one access to our trainers for clarifications

About TAW Plus

TAW Plus consists of two parts:

  1. Everything offered in TAW Module 2
  2. 12 months The Alien Hand-holding Program (Ahh)

For a limited time, the course fee of TAW Plus ($1200SGD) is fully refunded. Refer to the TAW Course Cash Refund FAQ above.

Additionally, you could qualify for $500SGD loss cover.

Total value is $1700 SGD.

About AHH program

The Alien Hand-holding Program (Ahh) is our small group coaching program. The emphasis of the Ahh program is to hand-hold you until you are confident enough to trade. You can take the Ahh program as a combined package in TAW Plus or only upon the purchase of TAW Module 2. 

For a limited time, the fee for the Ahh program ($500SGD) is fully refunded. The refund is only limited to Axi account holders whose accounts come from us.

About The Alien Room

The Alien Room (TAR) is our after-course support package.

Like Macbook is not a book, The Alien Room is not a room.

Having The Alien Room allows you to use our indicators and robots, join our weekly webinars, view recorded webinar archives, and gain access to privileged contents.

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Updated on May 18, 2023