About Alom and Alom Grid trade manager and why you should use them.

What are Alom and Alom Grid (AG)? 

Alom and AG are trade managers that assist with trade placement, management, and closure.

These tools enable you to automate trade placement, even when you’re busy or unable to actively monitor the market.

  • Trade placement – Load Alom or AG onto your chart and they will automatically execute trades based on predetermined conditions.
  • Trade management – Alom and AG can manage trades by adjusting stop loss levels and adding new positions when existing trades are profitable. They allow you to define take profit and stop loss levels automatically when opening a trade.
  • Risk management – Alom and AG can help you determine lot sizes and manage risk by specifying how much you want to risk per trade.

Differences between Alom and AG

The main difference between Alom and AG lies in their risk tolerance. Both tools add new positions only when a trade is in profit. Alom adds new positions when the price has moved further in the main trade direction, while AG adds new positions based on retracement levels using a grid strategy.

Alom is more conservative and AG is more aggressive with regards to position adding

Which one should I use? 

The choice between using Alom or AG depends on your individual risk tolerance.

Why we recommend to use Alom and AG in your trading? 

Despite any concerns you may have about technology or limited VPS or server resources, we highly recommend using Alom or AG to assist you in opening trades. These tools are valuable for determining appropriate lot sizes, setting stop loss and target profit levels. If you do not have a server, the only limitation is that they cannot manage your trades by adjusting stop loss or adding new positions. However, they are still highly effective in getting you started on the right path in your trading journey.

Ideal environment to run Alom or AG


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Updated on May 18, 2023