Fulfil the volume requirement for TAW course cash refund

The intention of this promotion is to encourage learning and allow students to apply what they have learnt to trade forex profitably. 

The volume requirement can be accumulated over a period of 3 months. 

However, we understand that some students are “stressed” over the need to meet the volume requirement. 

Hence we are sharing what others have done to fulfil the volume quickly. 

  1. With a comfortable funding amount, you can open 1.0 standard lot of EURUSD during liquid trading time (from 3pm to about 10pm SGT). 
  2. After you have opened a trade (you can follow the trade direction from what you have learnt in TAW course), immediately close your trade such that you will incur the spread. 
  3. EURUSD spread in our preferred broker is about 0.8 to 1 pip. 
  4. If you have traded 1.0 standard lot, by opening and closing immediately, you are likely to incur the cost of spread of approximately US10-15 per 1.0 standard lot. 
  5. By doing it twice (1.0 * 2 times), then you will fulfil the volume requirement already. 
  6. Your loss from spread is approximately USD20-30. However, you will have your SGD700 cash refunded in your account if you have met all the requirements (paid for TAW course, used our link to apply, funded the minimum amount and fulfilled the volume requirement). 

Alternatively, you can watch this video on how you can easily fulfil the 2.0 standard lot requirement.

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Updated on June 7, 2023