What are the technical supports available for existing subscribers?

From Monday through Friday, we provide support via email, whatsapp and telegram chat. 

Email: support@onlineforexmaster.com

Technical Support via Chrome Remote Access #

We also provide technical support via remote access from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 

  • Exclusive to our paid customers, we offer a one-time free remote access support to assist you in setting up your MT4 platform and our indicators.
  • Our dedicated support team will help you configure Metatrader with our indicators at no cost during your initial setup.
  • This service ensures that you can confidently utilize our technology without any concerns.
  • Subsequent remote access is chargeable at $150 SGD per session. 

Preparing for Chrome Remote Access #

We can do a one time free setup for you via Chrome Remote Access. Once you have setup Chrome remote access, arrange a time and date with us for technical support. 

How to setup Chrome Remote Desktop for remote access #

  1. Install Chrome Browser (skip if you have already done so)
  2. Install Chrome Remote Desktop. click here
  3. Watch this video for more information on Chrome Remote Desktop setup.
  4. Install and log in to your MT4 or MT5 platform.
  5. Download our indicator zip file to your desktop (you can download from our website: Onlineforexmaster Indicator)
  6. Arrange a time and date for us to access your computer. You are also required to be in front of your computer too.

  7. Generate a code. Copy and paste the generated code in WhatsApp or telegram chat. Please do not take a photo of the code to send to us. P/s we will only proceed with the remote access if you have gotten item 4 and 5 ready.
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Updated on May 17, 2023