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USD resuming uptrend. Forex pairs at support for forex trading.

USD resuming uptrend. Forex pairs at support for forex trading.

Our easy and dummy entry method uses New York close charts so that entries will be at major trading hours (Asia close, Europe close). 

Dollar Index broke higher, now at support

Dollar Index (DXY) broke higher, retraced and now is at previous high as a support. This should add some bullishness for USD forex pairs in general. 

However, MACD is showing a bearish divergence. This should not be a major concern now as DXY support is still intact. However, it might mean that USD bullish is slowly losing it’s strong trend. 

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XAUUSD has shown nice movement on strong USD

XAUUSD is one of those forex trades that has a nice downtrend movement. 

Price is now at resistance at $1200. 

From it’s day chart, there is a bearish candlestick pattern pending confirmation on day close. 

XAUUSD is marked for an entry in copy our robot at lower timeframe so that reward to risk is substantial. 

XAUUSD still resisted

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USDJPY - potential breakout of channel

USDJPY is parked at a support, which provides some opportunities to enter a with the trend trend in the direction of recent uptrend (see green channel lines). 

Watch for lower timeframe entry. This is marked for a Copy our Robot trade on 23 Aug 2018. 

Near term at support usdjpy
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Binni Ong
Binni Ong

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