Copy our Robots

Cut short learning time. Don’t feel technically challenged. Copy our Robot while it manages trade for you.

Save the hassle. Focus on trading.

Just load one file into your MT4 and you can start copying all the trades fired by our Robots.

Many find it technologically challenging to setup expert advisor/robot. Copy our robot service allows you to start using our Robot without loading expert advisor files into many charts.

It’s easy, it’s crisp and it’s delightful process for you. 

Our latest Robot added -

Copy our Robot is available to current Master course students and 12 months The Alien Room subscribers.

What's required

You need a VPS or a computer that’s running 24 hours by 7 days, a MT4 account and The Alien Room subscription. Get sponsored VPS, Get The Alien Room.

What's copied

Choose to copy signal (notification of trade details) or trade (actual execution of a trade). Control is with you – easily skip any currency pair, change sizing or stop copying.

Validity & Expiry

You just need one single subscription – The Alien Room. One slave account per TAR subscription. Copy my Robot will expire with your Alien Room plan.

portfolio base

We will be trading into currency theme of the day/week. Our aim is to catch that explosive momentum. Trades opened will be looked at as a whole portfolio and might open hedging trades.

Robot for copy

Currently, only The Alien Gift 2 (TAG2) and ALOM (ALien Order Manager) are available for copying. We will be launching more Robots in near term.

More about TAG2 Robot and it’s performance 

minimal trade management intervention

Human decision, Robot execution.Our Robot is rule-based, has no emotion and doesn’t sleep. We decide what to trade. Robot opens, manage and exits trades mechanically, automatically.

The Alien Room is all you need

Copy our Robot is our newly added service in The Alien Room. One plan, many services

Currently, Copy our Robot is only available to subscribers of 12 month The Alien Room plan or Master Forex Course student with existing The Alien Room subscription. 

Alternatively, you can also get our Robots and run it on your own.


The Alien Room 1 month
$ 120 one month
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The Alien Room 3 months
$ 252 3 months
  • 30% saving
  • Auto-Trading Robots
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The Alien Room 6 months
$ 396 6 months
  • 45% saving
  • Auto-Trading Robots
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TAR 12

The Alien Room 12 months
$ 576 12 months
  • 45% saving
  • Auto-Trading Robots
  • Copy our Robots
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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Copy our Robot saves you the hassle of setting TAG2 into many charts. By loading one slave file into one MT4 chart, you could copy TAG2 trades immediately without having to wait for your TAG2 Robot to refresh signal.

We will only load in major pairs and selective pairs that work well with our Robots.

There will be slippages and lag as trade signals are sent from our server to the copier server and to your server. We recommend that you use the same broker as us to avoid slippages. We are using BlueBerryMarkets Standard account with leverage of 1:100, base currency USD in Copy our Robot.

There will be minimal human intervention. We will only switch off Copy our Robot during important or high impact event such as elections. Alternatively, you can also get our Robots and run it on your own.

No. You just need to get The Alien Room subscription 12 months plan. 

No, definitely not. 

At the moment, TAG2 is designed in a way that you will still need to manage it. It will help to save 70-80% of your time if you use TAG2, but we do not guarantee it will be profitable. 

You can copy using a demo account. This will allow you to know which are those trades that we allow for robot trading. 

Frankly, we think you should run the Robot yourself. 

Use your knowledge to make decision on direction and let the Robot does the execution and management. 

Outsource the weaker link to trading, but not everything to automation. 

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