Fake moves that made you lose money. How to avoid it with Wash & Rinse?

Illustrating Wash & Rinse concept with US30 index. Avoid such fake moves. Don't let it stop out your trades.

Don’t let these nasty fake moves happen to you.

With automation and AI everywhere in the trading scene, market conditions are no longer the same.

Join free Telegram to know what are the fake movement and the WASH & RINSE trades that we are trading. Join Free Telegram https://t.me/thealienfx What are fake moves?

Remember times when you were forcefully stopped out marginally and made a loss? These are probably artificially push up or push down actions by big players and automation to create a very bullish or bearish scenario and then swing 180degree immediately and reverse like nothing ever happened.

In this video, Binni illustrated the concept of fake moves in US30 (Dow Jones CFD) with our WASH & RINSE concept. Our own developed indicator, The Alien Wash is created specially to provide Wash & Rinse signal. The Alien Wash (TAW indicator) does not repaint, has no emotions and is mathematically derived signal.

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Binni Ong
Binni Ong

Forex System Expert, entreprenuer and a mother of two wonderful children. She is particular interested in using Reits to build a recurring income. Binni Ong just loves patterns/numbers and developed many mathematical-base automated trading systems. She founded TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd and onlineforexmaster.com. She was also invited by exchanges, brokerages and banks to speak in many investment seminars and panels. She has a Masters degree from NTU, Singapore.   Get Free Telegram broadcast on our trade thoughts Free Telegram Broadcast

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