Tflow® Strategy in detail

Our crazy thoughts and forex trades using The Alien Indicators 

Tflow® Forex Strategy is a price action method integrated with time:

  • Integrates price action with time. Leading and not lagging forex strategy. This is our secret to EXPLOSIVE trades and MONSTER PIPS
  • Can trade in any financial instruments, best suited for fast moving, liquid market such as forex, indices, commodities like crude oil and gold, and liquid stocks with active involvement from funds or financial institutions
  • 5 to 10 trades a week, sometimes can be more or less depending on price movement of the market
  • Tflow® has a systematic analytical framework which we require students to follow strictly
  • Swing trading styleeach trade duration ranges from few hours to 1-2 days. Occasionally 2-5 days if we think this trade has energy for a more than 300 pips movement. As a rule of thumb, our profit target is about 100-200 pips and it usually takes 1-2 days to achieve it (outliers happen too)
  • No staring at screen, trade potential every 4 hour or every day. We believe that anyone trade to achieve financial freedom. How can a trader sitting in front of the screen achieve that freedom. We encourage you to maintain your daily routine, do some exercise, enjoy quality time with family
  • Second income; maintain your job/routine Quit your job only when you have achieve stability and consistency. From our students, we found that generally those who quit their job to trade full time took about 1 year to trade alongside with Binni

How different is Tflow® from other methods?

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