How to get 380pips from 3 automated trade alerts. Must know tips for busy traders.

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We can keep learning new strategy. But the real money making is when you have taken actions. We have a great TAW strategy. Yet, we are alerted each time when there is a trade.

There are 3 alerts in GBPCHF in a span of less than 3 weeks. The idea of this posting is to highlight that there are many trade opportunities. However, sometimes we are busy, sometimes we are not around to see it. 

Being notified of a trade is critical to your success to trading. Why? Many times, traders rush to a trade without confirmation (either too fast) or chase a trade after they have missed a trade (too slow).

This is why we emphasize on automations! Try The Alien Wash indicators. Now, our preferred brokers are doing a cash refund of The Alien Wash course fee – full 100% cash refund. No harm trying The Alien Wash Course. With the course, you will receive 12 months use of The Alien Wash indicators. More here