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Aug 18: FOMC meeting minutes and AUD Employment Change and Unemployment Rate

#dxy  Reached bottom of channel as predicted, maybe it’s time to relook into #usd

Yesterday I pointed out in this post that #usd still have room to fall, with 2 possible targets (at ED low – which was reached and at horizontal support level).

At the same time, #USDJPY  plunged below 100 and reverses from that level. 99.50 is a very strong support level so I’m not surprised that price reverses.

Coming up, my focus will be on #AUD , because on the bigger picture, higher time frame shows #audusd  at resistance 77.50. A strong support at 76.40. If this level is broken, should see the start of a temporary bearish move in #audusd . Tomorrow employment data will be key.

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Note, we have a short position in #audjpy  already at 78.30. We took profit at 77.10 and have a second TP level waiting to lock. This trade has been shifted to risk free.I love risk free trade

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