If you have TAW v3 trial, you would have spotted this sell in Bitcoin (and that $20000 movement we had earlier!)

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The first public preview session on The Alien Wash.
(Well, the truth is we don’t do a lot of previews and selling – we just trade!).

The second preview session on 26 Oct 2021 is found here. The content is similar to the first session.  You might want to scroll to 1:08:00 where Binni talked about live trades from TAW that happened on that day. 


Market has a rhythm. Price has a rhythmic movement.  Find this rhythm and you can make money from it.

We emphasize on automations! Try The Alien Wash indicators. Now, our preferred brokers are doing a cash refund of The Alien Wash course fee – full 100% cash refund. No harm trying The Alien Wash Course. With the course, you will receive 12 months use of The Alien Wash indicators. More here