Let TAW alerts you
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Recurring pattern in 1997 Asia Financial Crisis, 2003 SARs,
2008 Global Financial Crisis and now Covid19 driven crisis


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  1. You are entitled to the $100 cash reimbursement if you have signed up for our “Special training package – 3 months The Alien Room”.
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Missing out trade opportunities?

Wash and Rinse is an amazing market phenomenon that pinpoints major turning point. It occurs almost in any market, any financial instrument because it reflects human fear and greed.

The Alien Wash Indicator (TAW) automatically draws Wash and Rinse patterns in chart with ticks and arrows. 


The Alien Wash Indicator (TAW) caught many profitable trades NOW in Covid-19 driven market. 

Here’s what we traded with the help of TAW indicator. 

You are able to pick up any bullish/bearish signals easily. What’s more, these signals do not repaint.


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