Trade Diaries by Binni Ong by hundreds of forex traders

The Alien Room is not a room. The ‘Room’ is as much of a room as a Mac Book is a book.

The Alien Room is where we provide ongoing support to graduates of Tflow® and Master Forex Course. It consists of webinars and forex diary/ case studies.

Binni writes about her crazy forex ideas via a forex diary she publishes in The Alien Room. Many traders read her crazy thoughts, laugh at it, cry at it, but truly understand how trades are being formulated. Via reading these diaries, many traders gather clues on what to trade (whether is currencies, commodities or indices), where to enter and exit, how to manage trades as they move into profit or loss.

Everybody loves The Alien Room – professional traders, newbies, stay-at-home mom, working professional, doctors, pilots, retirees and even fund managers!  See our record of trades month by month.

Here’s why Ann The Alien Room

Trade planning process by Binni & Team

Binni will watch and observe price actions sometimes for days, sometimes for weeks, even months until she is happy that this is the moment for her trades.

Optimum price levels, price actions that provided triggers and economic events are some reasons for trades to materialise.

Of course, reward and possible risk are very important considerations on whether a trade is to be taken.

Trade Diaries: Step by Step Trading Process

After a trade is formulated, we pen down our crazy trade thoughts about how we feel about a trade. These case studies can reinforce your learning as you observe how these trades unfold real time.

Crazy thoughts about our forex trades written in Google plus (G+ is our social media where we post our crazy forex thoughts). 

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View The Alien Room Forex Trade Performance and Detailed Trade Records

Our trade results is not indication of your performance.

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Do you a Gift from The Aliens?

Automate your trading.
A.I developed by Binni Ong

After years of refining and programming, we have successfully programmed a robot that truly sell high and buy low. Each trade has the potential to run for more than 200-300 pips.

It’s truly a gift that makes our trading easier and more pleasurable. We called it “The Alien Wash” or #TAW.

The Alien Wash Indicator

The Alien Room comes with weekly live webinars so you could interact with Binni & Team!

Examples of Trades in The Alien Room


DAX30 +390pips


EURNZD +415pips


GBPAUD +600pips


GBPCAD +475pips


EURCAD +300pips


AUDJPY +200pips


Oil +280pips


AUDUSD +86pips


GBPNZD +120pips


GBPJPY +119pips


USDCHF +100pips


USDJPY +240pips


CADJPY +110pips


AUDCHF +180pips


GBPUSD +162 pips


Our student performance +790pips


Our student performance +790pips


Any Pair +600pips?

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Save time  The Alien Room price levels

Next winning trade will be much easier with The Alien Room

Critical price level highlighted in The Alien Room. Save time, improve your reward/risk ratio and trading a breeze.

The Alien Room sample trade

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