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Mar 17

Webinar Archive: The Alien Room 17 March 2020 Tues

Summary of webinar:
1. Carry trade and EUR movement
2. Discussion into S&P500, XAUUSD, USDJPY and other JPY pairs
3. USD is strong, DXY approaching 100 soonRead More

Mar 10

Webinar Archive: The Alien Room 10 March 2020 Tues

Summary of webinar:
1.Review into US30, USDJPY 
2. Why we think GBP is next to weaken. Look into GBPUSD. 
3. Discussion on Oil and GoldRead More

Mar 03

Webinar Archive: The Alien Room 3 March 2020 Tues

Summary of webinar:
1. How much can US indexes drop in different scenario – we provide the answer here. 
2. Why current market is going to be difficult till March FOMC. 
3. AUD is showing strength. What to look out for in long term investment? Read More

Feb 25

Webinar Archive: The Alien Room 25 Feb 2020 Tues

Summary of webinar:
1. We discussed about US30, NAS100 and SG30. Use previous range to decide whether this current down move has ended
2. XAUUSD is near to resistance and probably movement will not be that clean
3. Why we look at AUDJPY and NZDJPYRead More

Feb 18

Webinar Archive: The Alien Room 18 Feb 2020 Tues

Summary of webinar:
1. Discuss how to trade into STI/SG30
2. Analysis into US30, WTI, XAUUSD, XAGUSD.
3. A look into some risk off tradesRead More

Feb 11

Webinar Archive: The Alien Room 11 Feb 2020 Tues

Summary of webinar:
1. Reasons for shorting into EUR even when EURUSD is near a horizontal level
2. Explaining in details how we plan for these trades
3. Discussion on XAUUSD, WTI and CHF pairsRead More

Watch Master Course Webinar

Jan 30

Webinar Archive: Master Course 20 Jan 2020

Summary of webinar:
1. Discussed US30, USTECH vs STI and why STI has better sell conditions
2. Easy way to find buy (see magneta line) and sell (see green line) with TAW MTF
3. Analysis into NZDUSD, NZDJPY on determining TP and when to keep riding a winning tradeRead More

Jan 16

Webinar Archive: Master Course 16 Jan 2020

1. Easy multiple timeframe analysis with TAW MTF. This is a must watch training webinar. 
2. Illustrate with DXY (Dollar Index) very important levels in months, weeks, days with using TAW MTF. What level will let us be certain that DXY is bearish or bullish
3. We also discussed why we trade into NZD pairs todayRead More

Jan 09

Webinar Archive: Master Course 9 Jan 2020

Summary of webianr:
1. This webinar discussed how to use TAW MTF lines to hunt for trades. 
2. For eg, if TAW MTF shows a signal in USDCHF, you can use TAW MTF to check across all CHF pairs for other trades. 
3. We discussed how to execute CHF trades in a possible risk off marketRead More

Dec 12

Webinar Archive: Master Course 12 Dec 2019

Summary of webinar:
1. This webinar discussed in detail on how to enter a trade using TAW MTF
2. By using TAW 2.0 too, you can use this to identify best trade among many similar trades
3. Discussion focused on AUD family, where we might be seeing a major reversalRead More

Dec 05

Webinar Archive: Master Course 5 Dec 2019

Summary of webinar:
1. Previewed and explained how you can use TAW multiple timeframe indicator.
2. We used USDSGD as example on how to use week/day wash lines.
3. Planned for trades in AUDSGD, USDJPY and XAUUSD with TAW MTF. Read More

Nov 21

Webinar Archive: Master Course 21 Nov 2019

Summary of webinar:
1. Continuing to use TAW 2.0 indicators, the dot and one line to identify trades. 
2. We look at STI, USDSGD, WTI, GBPCHF and CHFSGD. Read More

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