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Webinar Archive: OFM & TAW Revision 08 Dec 2022

Summary of webinar:
1. Reconcile alerts from TAW Dashboard and Telegram D1 broadcast
2. Use of timezones and H4 bars – which H4 bar is the best for a trigger?
3. Preview into Alom Grid – Start with 1 lot can add to 4 lots with protection of profit along the way. Adding of position via grid automatically yet retaining full control with the manual GUI.

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Webinar Archive: OFM & TAW Revision 01 Dec 2022

Summary of webinar:
1. TAW Revision
2. Must wash – use TAW Strategy on Hong Kong, Singapore and US Stocks. This is the first webinar that Binni taught the students on using TAW Strategy on stocks. 3 simple steps to select, screen and enter into any stocks.

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