Solution To Common G+ Post Error In 8 Easy Steps – iPhone (iSO) User

These are the reasons why you cannot view our Google+ private post in Telegram:

  • You are not signed in to your google account and/or
  • Sign in using incorrect google account which was not registered with us.

How to troubleshoot with these simple steps:

1. We recommend that you download G+ app onto your phone. Alternatively, you can also use Chrome or Safari browser on your mobile phone

2. Using your phone browser, go to

3. On top right hand corner, click on “sign in”. Login to the account that was registered with us

Click On Sign In Button

4. If you have already signed in to your account, you should see your profile picture or an Alphabet instead.

Profile Picture

5. Minimize the browser on your phone, go to Telegram app and tap on ‘Onlineforexmaster The Alien Room’ broadcast group.

6. Click and hold any on the link in the group, you should see a pop up appear.

Click and hold

7. Select “Open” or “Open in”

8. Select Chrome or Safari (choose the browser which you have selected previously to login to your account). Example: if you previously use Chrome to sign in your google account, then select Chrome to view Google+ post. There will also be an option to open in G+ app (if it’s already installed). You can choose to open in G+ app (make sure you are already logged in to your activated G+/Google account).