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Forex Winning Trading keys is used by Chief Trainer Binni Ong for many years, She build it into Tflow® to teach her student to use the simply method.

Why she believe that simply trading method can make a living:

  • Complicated indicator are build using the simply method Price
  • If Tflow® can make profit for you why do you want to spend so much time in study lots of indicator before making profit
  • If Simply Method can make you into professional trader, complicated method can make you into professor? Do you need to be a professor? or prefer to count money ?

Forex Winning Trading keys using simply method

  • Tflow® is probably the rare few methods in the market that took into consideration time as well as price.
  • Let me share with you one of the craziest wins the Tflow® community had in 2014. Before that, here’s a user submitted statement.

Winning Trade
Oil Winning Trade 2015
  • Here’s our analysis of WTI highlight time and price


  • It was a big win for us shorting WTI (Crude Oil) in 2014. However, what led us into this trade? Tflow® looks at time horizon when price broke.

Forex Winning Trading keys

WTI Weekly Chart

  • We started shorting when price was around $90. However, we went aggressively into the shorts because it took just 2 months to break 4 years of support (from 2010 to 2013). Market must be very bearish about crude oil because it took only 2 months to destroy price levels that had been holding up for 4 years.
  • Isn’t this a big confidence boost for you to take this WTI short? Imagine, if a mouse is able to make a wall collapse in just a day, isn’t that a super powerful mouse?
  • That’s one of the secrets to why Tflow® has so many successful, big winning trades!

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“Live” actions and reviews from our students directly from our social media accounts. We don’t tweet winning trades only. We tweet losing trades as well. It’s just that we have more winners. Follow @terraseeds in twitter for live trades and forex ideas.

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To read other important chart patterns for forex trading