Forex Starting Capital – plan how much you would like to use as your capital as if you are starting a business


Approach forex trading like how you would approach if you are starting a small business. Therefore, you should set aside a sum of backup forex capital in case initial deposit is not enough while you are still mastering forex trading.  Have a forex trading plan (like a business plan). Get educated first, don’t fight the war bare-handed.

Good news is, you could start a forex business with as little as $200. But we recommend a higher amount like $3000-5000.


How much should your Forex Starting Capital be?

  • You could start trading forex with as little as $200 due to effect of leverage. However, this is not encouraged.
  • Think of forex trading as starting a business. How much do you require if you were to start a small business? $5000? $10000? Most of the time, I guess it will be more than these amounts.
  • There is no ‘right’ amount to start trading. Rule of thumb:
  • Use whatever money you can afford to lose
  • The money should not come at the expense of your love ones or family
  • Break the money into 3 parts
    • First part to “buy your goods”- in trading, it will be to acquire knowledge and gather enough experience. You might need some money to pay school fees first.
    • Second part will be your first deposit into your trading account. There will always be counter-party risk (i.e. business continuity risk of your broker).
    • Third part is your reverse to fund your account again should you find that you need more money in your trading account.
  • For example, if your total starting trading capital is $15,000 for starting your forex business, then put $5,000 aside to acquire proper skills and knowledge. Another $5,000 as initial funding. Lastly the remaining $5,000 as reserve.
  • Some Tflow® students start their trading with SGD 50,000. Some start with $10,000 -20,000. Be comfortable with whatever you want to set aside.
  • If in doubt, start small such as $1,000 – $3,000.

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To read other important chart patterns for forex trading