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Onlineforexmaster forex trading blog contains reviews of our forex trades, archives on forex webinars and forex trading essentials and trading tips. We will also write about lifestyles articles that forex traders would like to know. We also think you are interested to know what happened in The Alien Room especially those explosive monster trade thoughts.

Market Analysis 15 Aug - 20 Aug

Week Aug 15-Aug 20 Market Analysis and what to look out for

Forex prices move before or after key events and data. It is important to know what’s ahead in forex calendar 1-2 weeks later. I have listed some important dates for 15-20 Aug 2016.

This week few events to look for on #forexcalendar 15 Aug -20 Aug
1. #AUD Aug 16 Tue – Australia Monetary policy meeting – #audusd is currently near to strong resistance, likewise, #euraud at strong support. I do not see any change in policy……Read More

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