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The Alien Gift Robot verified performance

The above verified result is traded on a live account under auto lot size model. Each time, TAG Forex Robot will risk 1% of available margin per currency pair (in a $5000 account, risk is $50). 

Trade with Aliens. The Alien Gift trails entry by milliseconds during high impact news

The Alien Gift Robot - trailing entry price in milliseconds! from Binni Ong on Vimeo.

"It helps me hunt for many many trades. Fantastic for me especially when I have to cope with job, children and their homework."

Top 10 reasons why use The Alien Gift Robot - a MT4 forex expert advisor

Trading automation is everywhere. Human is smart. But machine is consistent, logical and fast. Even Wall Street traders are giving way to these algorithms.

Top 10 reason for TAG forex robot
Top 10 reason for TAG forex robot
Top 10 reason for TAG forex robot

1. Works on any forex pairs, commodities & indices

2. Place trades automatically, all your trades are placed before you wake up

3. Logic base, consistency approach. Relieves you of psychological stress. 15 mins a day to ensure TAG Robot is running smoothly

4. Optimum entry price on smart mathematical calculation, aims for explosive trades

5. Auto remove all unfilled orders to prevent weekend gaps. Auto re-insert these orders on new trading week

6. No volume churning, average trade length is 2 days

7. Take care of your trade management with auto trail stop loss & profit taking

8. Plug & Play - load into your computer or virtual server and it will automatically hunt for trades

9. Stringent trade management, auto protect winning positions

 10. Simply because it's a gift from The Aliens!

Human speed will never be faster than The Alien Gift Forex Robot

Watch live - The Alien Gift Forex Robot trailing entry price and filled at tipping point.

Powerful, Intelligent Mathematical Algo

Smart mathematical algorithmic formulae calculates precise entry point at high to sell and low to buy. The Alien Gift Forex Robot trades second and fourth retracement wave to catch that highly profitable impulse movement.

Powerful, intelligent, mathematical algo The Alien Gift Forex robot
Powerful, intelligent, mathematical algo

The Alien Gift profited from a spike down during Canadian employment data
The Alien Gift profited from a spike down during Canadian employment data

Profit from nasty spike during high impact news

The Alien Gift Forex Robot is built to profit from scary spikes just seconds before important news or data. It calculates confluence of very strong levels where professional traders are waiting to trade. This is often the place where amateur traders are stopped out.

Never forget a trade, never miss an opportunity

Drag and drop. The Alien Gift Forex Robot will monitor trades 24 hours by 5 days and place orders when trade setups confirm. Go to sleep, hone on your career, watch a movie or enjoy day off with your children, our forex robot will automatically place stop loss/profit level and manage trades for you.

Predictive mathematical algo calculates entry price
Predictive mathematical algo calculates entry price

Key Features of The Alien Gift Robot

Informative display panel 

  • Trade and account summary, trade profit factor to each profit level in a glance 

Control account drawdown

  • Your account will never go to zero with this money management protection feature

Real time alerts

  • Alerts when trades are placed and trades are filled

Automatic sizing & money management

  • Lot size base on risk % or fixed lot

Plentiful opportunities 

  • Tough rules to meet, so The Alien Gift Forex Robot filters away bad trades. Adaptive mathematical calculations get our trades filled most of the time

Never worry about weekend gap 

  • Remove all pending orders before Friday close and automatically insert orders on Monday market open

user review the alien gift forex robot
Victoria Yam Singapore
Remote support is great. Setup everything for me. Now I'm starting on a few pairs and I love seeing price burst after my orders are filled.
Siang Kiang Lim Singapore
It places limit orders immediately after day close so I have all my limit positions entered even before I wake up. This is wonderful because I don't have to spend much time hunting for trades. 
Vivi Singapore
  • Take guesswork away
    No more impulse and revenge trading. The Alien Gift Robot is logical and consistent in its approach. If rules are not met, it will never open a trade.
  • Never miss a trade
    Too busy in your work? Miss a good entry and find yourself chasing a trade and ultimately ended in a loss. TAG monitors trades like a hawk. With it's adaptive price prediction, it will smart adjust to a most feasible entry price.
  • Remove emotional baggage
    Did I say forex trading is tough? Yes, to be a profitable forex trader, we need to be flexible yet cold and logical. TAG is built to be flexible with it's adaptive mathematical algorithm yet hard cold with razor sharp execution.
  • Save a lot of time
    TAG helps hunt and monitor many trades (it works in any forex pairs and commodities). You save lots of time in front of computer. Be free and pursue other interests!

I'm new to forex and automated trading.  How do I start The Alien Gift Robot?

TAG runs in Metatrader 4 platform. First, we recommend that you get the same broker as us here or here. This is because TAG trail it's orders by milliseconds and is super sensitive to price differences (we have confirmed that different brokers yield different results under same setting). You could start with a demo or live account. Simply drag TAG into price charts you want to trade. We will also encourage that you take Master Forex Course first to understand how our strategy works.

Do I need to subscribe to The Alien Room in order to get The Alien Gift Robot? 

Yes, TAG is given complimentary at this moment to The Alien Room subscribers with a valid subscription

Do I need forex experience? 

The Alien Gift Forex Robot handles everything (entry, stop loss, profit, sizing) for you automatically. It works according to Tflow® theory. Knowing how Autobox and Tflow® work will greatly help you in handling TAG. We don't want to paint a juicy picture, but that's really the truth in using any robot!

Can I leave TAG running while I'm away? 

Yes! Simply load up TAG into a virtual private server or a computer that is operating 24 hours by 5 days. TAG will handle your trading.

Average win
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Average loss
0 pips
Average number of trades (month)
0 trades
Average trade length
0 hours

The Alien Gift Forex Robot is now available in MT4

*Currently available to existing Master Forex Course and/or The Alien Room members (3, 6, 12 months subscribers)

You need to be existing Master Forex Course and/or "The Alien Room" subscriber in order to qualify for The Alien Gift Forex Robot.

  • Sign up for Master Forex Course here.
  • Terraseeds Tflow students who wish to join "The Alien Room", click here to register and subscribe.
  • TAG only works on MT4. Don't have Metatrader?  Apply for free account here.

Log in with your account with onlineforexmaster first and click on relevant link below. To activate The Alien Gift Robot, get your license key here.


3 month The Alien Room subscribers
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12 month The Alien Room subscribers
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Master Forex Course subscribers
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