Copy our Robots – Monthly Yield and Sep 2018 Performance

Copy our Robots Performance so far

31 Aug 2018

Aug Performance

31 Aug copy our robots results
31 Aug copy our robots results

Ending 31 Aug 2018, after Copy our Robots copier has been running fully for 1 month, Master account ended with equity of $5081USD. On a trading size of 2 micros, this is a profit of USD81.


31 Aug 2018
4 Oct 2018

Sep Performance

Copy our robot sep performance
4 Oct Copy our robot results

Ending 4 Oct 2018 (we put in various positions and they started moving few days after end of Sep), Master account currently has an equity of $5150USD. This is a profit of USD150 on a 2 micro lots.

4 Oct 2018

What’s the yield? 

Many asked what’s the yield of this copier? 

Yield is calculated as a basis to account size. 

If you have an account size of $3000, assuming a margin utilisation of 25%, each time, you might be trading a 0.08 per order. 

On a 0.02 lot per order, profit is $150. 

On a 0.08 lot per order, then estimated profit could be around $600. 

Thus, on an account size of $3000, the estimated yield or return could be around 20% for about 2.5 months of trading.

What’s your yield? 

It is difficult for me to answer, because this is just a copier file that let you choose what to copy, and your own money management style, and whether you like to receive notifications or trade executions. You have 100% control, but it makes use of our robots easy as only ONE SINGLE file into a single chart is required. 

Human Analysis, Robotic Trade Management

Copy our robot - human decision on what to load robot in

Currently, there are 2 robots (ALOM and TAG2) running in Copy our Robots trade copier.

You can choose to load these robots yourself into each currency pair to let robots trade for you. Or you can use Copy our Robots trade copier to select which pair you want to copy.

We’ve done all the hard work at our side. Yes, we loaded each robot onto 30-40 pairs. You can then choose to copy all or any pairs. You can choose to receive notifications or trade executions.

For example, in above chart, Robots have been loaded onto some JPY pairs. There was a buy in USDJPY and sell in AUDJPY, NZDJPY and CHFJPY. These robots have intelligently, automatically traded into these trades after human analysis.

Such arrangement is best of both worlds – if a buy in USDJPY was losing strength, robot will automatically activate trailing stop loss to protect profit, while those sells in AUDJPY, NZDJPY and CHFJPY kicked into profit too.

Are you managing my account?


With Copy our Robots, you have the convenience of loading only a single file into a single chart (as compared to loading many files into many charts). Once Master account has a trade, you can choose whether you like to receive it as a notification or a trade execution.

You have 100% total control.

Some traders opt to leave copier there and copy everything.

Some choose to receive notifications and decide on their followup actions.

Some are interested in only few currency pairs and copy only actions of these pairs only.

Some switch it off when they are on holiday.

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