Copy our Robots: EUR weak on Italy, Best trading pair

Our easy and dummy entry method uses New York close charts so that entries will be at major trading hours (Asia close, Europe close). 

Italy Budget is troubling EURO

The budget announcement of Italy has sent tremors through the system.

Italian stocks fell almost 4% on Friday, while the euro slipped below $1.16 for the first time in two weeks.

Will Italian debt crisis remains an accident waiting to happen? Fact is, we’ve seen EURUSD treading lower below 1.16. 

Shorted in EURUSD in Copy our Robots

Yesterday, I’ve shorted in EURUSD around 1.1593 in Copy our Robot

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EURAUD at multi-year high

EURAUD at multi-year high resistance

It’s hard to ignore that EURAUD is at multi year high around 1.6350. 

Price recently retested this level and rejected, resulting in a bearish failure (wash and rinse pattern taught in Master Course).  

EURAUD Autobox trending lower

From Autobox, price is trending downwards. (Have you downloaded free Autobox v2 yet?) 

Key level to note is 1.6050 as immediate resistance. 

If EURAUD is to firmly close below 1.60, then we might have a big move. 

Keep watch on this trade in Copy our Robots

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Binni Ong
Binni Ong

Forex Data Scientist & Systems Expert, entreprenuer and a mother of two wonderful children. Binni Ong just loves patterns/numbers and developed many mathematical-base automated trading systems. She founded TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd and She was also invited by exchanges, brokerages and banks to speak in many investment seminars and panels. She has a Masters degree from NTU, Singapore.   Follow Binni in Twitter | Why Students like Master Forex Course | Trade Review on Tflow® Trades & Trade Performances| Find me on Google+

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