Where to find metaquotes ID in MT4 for notifications

Get push notifications in your mobile phone with metaquote ID

find metaquote id in mt4

Metaquote ID is unique to your mobile device. You are able to receive push notifications of your trade activities on your mobile app. If you like to send or receive trade signals, you will need to host your MT4 platform in a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which is always running 24 hours by 5 days. What is a forex VPS? Get 6 months free forex VPS

Where to locate your Metaquote ID?

Install MT4 app into your phone

Metaquote ID is unique to your phone. Install MT4 app into your mobile first. If you need to have a MT4 account, here’s a free MT4 account.

Metaquote ID in Android phone

In your phone MT4 app, tap on chat icon. On top of window, tap on MQID. 

Metaquote ID in Apple phone

Go to “chat and messages”. Click on it and you will find metaquote ID at the bottom of your screen. 

metaquote ID
Metaquote ID in Android phone

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