Copy Robot – trade copier with human analysis, robotic management. Aug 2018 Performance

Copy Robot - a trade copier giving best of both worlds

copy robot

What is Copy Robot? 

It’s a trade copier. If you use copy robot service, you will be able to copy all trade actions by Master. Your account, which is copying from us (Master) is known as the slave account. 

Key advantage of Copy Robot is that trade decision is formed by human analysis while trade execution and management are done by Robots. 

This is best of both world. By having robots to execute and manage trades, we removed the worst enemy in trading – fear and greed.

Copy Robot started fully in Aug 2018

August Performance

Copy Robot service is a value added service to The Alien Room. Without paying extra money, current subscribers are able to use this trade copier.

Currently, copy robot has 2 robots at work – TAG2 and Alom (Alien Order Manager).

There was very few trades in July as Alom was not ready. With Alom loaded in August, there were more trades. In Aug, Copy Robot account made USD$62.43.

Copy Robot aug performance

What? It made only USD $62.43? 

Yes, that’s right. 

This is because Master account is trading at 2 micro lots per order. 

In term of pips, that’s a profit of 312 pips (rough estimate, we have also included a detailed statement here). 

You would have made USD$3120 if trading 1.0 standard lot with copy robot. 

Why would I want to use Copy Robot?

You have full control. You can switch off anytime. 

It’s easy, it’s crisp and hassle free.

Many traders don’t have time to trade on their own as they are busy with work and family.

With a copier, you get to choose what trades you like to copy. If you are traveling, you can turn off copier anytime.

Receive trade notifications instead of having trade executed

You can opt to receive trade notifications instead of having trade executed for you.

Trade big, trade small. It’s up to you.

Many asked, why did Master trade a small lot size (0.02)?

That’s because if user should make a mistake in setting up initially, this mistake will be less costly with a small trade size. Moreover, user will have full control to increase their trade size via lot multiplier. Totally flexible.

How to get Copy Robot?

One subscription required – The Alien Room

More about copy robot found here.

A 12 month The Alien Room subscription cost $48 per month. It’s an amazing deal considering that we are offering copy robot service with no extra charges. Get The Alien Room here

Amazing Promotion

Subscribe to a 3, 6 or 12 months The Alien Room plan or sign for a Master Course during the month of Sept 2018, we will add bonus time to your Copy Robot service*. 

For a limited time, we are offering Copy Robot service to also our 3 and 6 months subscribers. Renew your Alien Room during promotion period to qualify for this offer!

TAR 3 monthsTAR 6 months or Master Course TAR 12 months
Bonus 15% Bonus 25% Bonus 50%
2 weeks added 1.5 months added 6 months added

*Bonus time added to Copy Robot service only. Only applicable to approved Axitrader or Blueberry account. 

What’s more, BlueBerry Markets is giving you a 6 months free VPS worth USD$210 and refund your Alien Room subscription as trading credits. Applies to new and existing onlineforexmaster students.

We are using BlueBerry Markets in our Master account. To copy all trades, we recommend BlueBerry Markets.

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Binni Ong
Binni Ong

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