This Robot is disrupting my 20 years of trading. It’s performance made me feel like an octopus.

My trading wishlists

tag2 robot performance 16%

I’ve traded manually for 20 years.

Here’s my wishlists that I made every year:

  1. Able to place as many trades as possible so not to miss any opportunities
  2. Trade with no fear, no emotional stress, no psychological barrier
  3. Stick to rules 100% of the time
  4. Very profitable with minimum losses

Even I wish for a golden hen that always lay golden eggs without me doing anything, deep in my heart, I know there is no such fairy tale in this world. There must be still some hardwork involved. I would be grateful to have extra hands, extra brains to make more money.

TAG2 Robot – disrupted my 20 years of trading, probably will disrupt yours too

TAG2 is a MT4 expert advisor that trade automatically base on rules from Tflow®.  TAG2 is 100% rule-based, has no emotion and hunt for trades 24 hours by 5 days. Wow, it doesn’t sleep. I leave TAG2 Robot in a VPS, hook it on to MT4 accounts and not only it opens trades for me, TAG2 will also manage my trades by determining automatically my position sizing, trailing stop loss, and ultimately closing my trades. If you are interested, here’s how to get free VPS.

TAG2 page here.

Watch a video below to see how TAG2 trades.

How has my trading life changed?

That’s always the first question – is it profitable? TAG2 made 10.6% return in May 2018 trading on automated mode with minimal human intervention. 

TAG2 May 2018 detailed statement here. Here’s April 2018 (3 weeks) performance

I’m putting up my BlueBerryMarkets live account that started trading TAG2 live with minimal intervention. Account started with about $4400 on 4 May 2018. I recommend BlueBerryMarkets because I traded TAG2 on market order (aggressive mode) and found that execution is excellent with no/minimal slippage. BlueBerryMarkets is sponsoring free VPS for our students. A side note, I’ve also used this BlueBerryMarket account to make various crazy live testings on TAG2 while it is still in development stage. A potential client hit me with performance of this live account. Just to share, I always test my Robots on live account with real money.

TAG2 4 May to 31 May 2018 Summary Performance
TAG2 4 May to 31 May 2018 Summary Performance

Account started with about $4400 USD on 4 May 2018, trading on 2% risk on each trade.

Equity on 1 June 2018 was $5119. Balance was $4817. According to Myfxbook, in May 2018, there was a 10.66% gain. 

One thing to note: during the first 1 to 1.5 weeks, any new account running TAG2 will not be able to get trades that were opened in account running TAG2 for sometime. This greatly affected TAG2 performance during initial 1 to 1.5 weeks. 

This is the most important thing that disrupted my trading

When I was trading manually, before a trade was put in, there’s always long hours of analysis. Well, now to analyse a trade takes me less than few minutes, but imagine there’s a Robot who can take care of everything: analysing, monitoring, executing, managing and taking profit.

Once TAG2 took over these processes, I suddenly have lots of time on hand.

Think of it in another way – historically, kings and lords wanted to live forever. Why? Because they have many things that they aspire to do. Yet they are limited by their time. Now I have a Robot, who is a “mini-me”, who is like an octopus and can monitor across 20 pairs in 2 timeframes (that’s 40 charts), who can execute trades mathematically, coldly and precisely. Best of all, this little mini-me don’t need to sleep or eat.

Think of the emotional stress that was lifted from me, the enormous time/resources I’ve saved. Not forgetting, that it made me 10.6% return.

That disrupted my 20 years of trading. I suddenly felt like an octopus.

TAG2 Robot comes free with The Alien Room subscription

How to get TAG2? This robot is complimentary with The Alien Room subscription.

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If you have attended Tflow® Course, head straight to register for a TerraSeeds Student account here and get your Alien Room subscription.


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Binni Ong
Binni Ong

Forex Data Scientist & Systems Expert, entreprenuer and a mother of two wonderful children. Binni Ong just loves patterns/numbers and developed many mathematical-base automated trading systems. She founded TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd She was also invited by exchanges, brokerages and banks to speak in many investment seminars and panels. She has a Masters degree from NTU, Singapore.   Follow Binni in Twitter | Why Students like Master Forex Course | Trade Review on Tflow® Trades & Trade Performances| Find me on Google+

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