TAG2.01 performance captured on 21-22 May 2018

So much to accomplish, TAG2 forex trading robot empowers me

I want to have 48 hours a day because there is so much to accomplish and I want to have time to do the leisurely things I want. I can’t magic up extra time but I can make my assistant work for me. TAG2 is a forex trading robot that I created to auto trade. It powers up my life.


TAG2 empowers me

TAG2 is a forex trading robot. I created TAG2 as a power up towards by my goal of Earn While I Sleep. At moment, I am using TAG version 2.01. It is doing very well but I have several tune ups in mind.

I spent a lot of time developing TAG2. I want to share what TAG2 means to me. If you agree with me, then TAG2 might be just the thing for you.


What is TAG2 to me?

  1. TAG2 makes me feel like an octopus.
  2. I imagine myself as a mathematician.
  3. TAG2 gives me time to manage my life better.


TAG2 makes me feel like an octopus

  1. TAG2 doesn’t sleep, doesn’t complain, doesn’t whine, and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. I was able to open one or two trades a day or any one time. Now TAG2 opens 5-6 trades at any one time.
  3. It is super amazing because at 4 or 5pm every afternoon during the opening hours of European trading, MT4 sends me 20-30beeps. Thats the signal that TAG2 is managing, shifting stop-loss orders. Super efficient.


I imagine myself as a mathematician

  1. 1+1=2 every single time. However this doesn’t always happen when we trade forex. Sometimes it is the market’s fault. Sometimes its my fault because I didn’t follow rules.
  2. I designed TAG2 to trade according to rules. TAG2 is 100% compliant. If trades don’t turn out as expected, it is not my fault anymore. It is the market’s fault. TAG2 is not as smart as me though so when trades turn bad because its the market’s fault, I take over.
  3. Before TAG2 I only did 2-3 trades manually at a time but now with TAG2, I can have more trades (10-15 trades). Why? TAG2 will continue to manage those winning trades (which doesn’t need my involvement), while I just focus on those 2-3 losing trades.
  4. I have more lobang to make money.


TAG2 gives me time to manage my life better

  1. How many of us wish there are 48 hours in a day? That’s impossible. Kings and emperors of old wanted to live forever. Some were ambitious so they needed time to accomplish their goals. Some were just having a good time so they desired to keep the party going. I am a bit of both.
  2. I can’t live forever but I can outsource work to a robot. I live my life my meaningful now. I’m living my life everyday like there’s 48 hours in a day.


TAG2 trade performance on 22 May 2018

I have to manage USDCHF, GBPJPY and EURUSD. The rest are in profit. TAG2 is managing those. I am looking forward to more profit.

TAG2.01 performance captured on 21-22 May 2018
TAG2.01 performance captured on 21-22 May 2018


TAG2.01 product features

  1. Works on any instruments – forex pairs, commodities & indices
  2. 100 % automatic, from calculating trade size, to monitoring places, entering, shifting stop loss and closing trades
  3. Multiple timeframe trading. Using higher timeframe direction thus reducing noises, EA hunt for entry in lower timeframe
  4. Optimum entry price on smart mathematical calculation. TAG works best in fast moving market
  5. Stringent trade management. 4 management styles to protect your profit even in a flat market
  6. Super stringent trade filters. TAG has to fulfil 5 filters (adaptive price zone, DTO, time, TAW pattern and maximum SL)
  7. Time zone filter and time stop. This filter will improve trade probability. Time is a critical clue to whether a trade will move smoothly
  8. Plug & Play – load into your computer or virtual server and it will automatically hunt for trades
  9. No volume churning, not martingale or grid-base. Average trade length from few hours to days

Link to TAG2.01 product page here.

Link to TAG2.01 performance from 10 April 2018 to 02 May 2018 (my last blog post).