TAG2.01 is a forex trading robot created by Binni Ong

3 weeks performance 

  • Trades between 10 April 2018 to 02 May 2018
  • H1 timeframe fixed lot size 0.02 (2 micros; RSI ON), H4 timeframe fixed lot size 0.1 (1 mini; RSI OFF)
  • Forex pairs only
  • No human manipulation
    • This is one of the test accounts where I didn’t do anything to it, just let it run, with the exception that I closed off most of my winning trades before Friday close to lock profit.

For my other test accounts, they are running different models (e.g. different baskets like minus JPY, like with CHF/CAD crosses, auto lot, or slightly different settings, or manipulation from my tiny brain and itchy fingers).

I am also exploring in another test account to turn off trade management tools first and switch it on when trade in profit.

*FYI only, in no way that these results an indication of future performance. I also blanked off my account number, amount of money which I think are sensitive for personal finance as I always stick to it.
I will also not publish big lot size with huge wins or losses. As a matter of fact, this set of position sizing/result is very appropriate and commonly encountered among new traders and small account owners.*

Tag2.01 3 weeks live trading results
Tag2.01 3 weeks live trading results


TAG2.01 product features:

  1. Works on any instruments – forex pairs, commodities & indices
  2. 100 % automatic, from calculating trade size, to monitoring places, entering, shifting stop loss and closing trades
  3. Multiple timeframe trading. Using higher timeframe direction thus reducing noises, EA hunt for entry in lower timeframe
  4. Optimum entry price on smart mathematical calculation. TAG works best in fast moving market
  5. Stringent trade management. 4 management styles to protect your profit even in a flat market
  6. Super stringent trade filters. TAG has to fulfil 5 filters (adaptive price zone, DTO, time, TAW pattern and maximum SL)
  7. Time zone filter and time stop. This filter will improve trade probability. Time is a critical clue to whether a trade will move smoothly
  8. Plug & Play – load into your computer or virtual server and it will automatically hunt for trades
  9. No volume churning, not martingale or grid-base. Average trade length from few hours to days

Link to TAG2.01 product page here.


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