The Alien wash robot waiting desperately

Everyday, I’m just desperate for The Alien Wash EA to be ready

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I removed The Alien Wash Robot from download and autotrade last year Dec 2017. In this first version, it is excellent to find turning points preceding a big move – the idea is to evaluate levels and trend, then activate The Alien Wash Robot to auto trade. However, timeframe was restricted for use in D1 and this resulted in a huge stop loss (in pips), and also equally bigger target profit. While some can ride a trade, many prefer to take profit soon thus could not achieve desired reward/risk ratio.

At the same time, many prefer a 100% automated robot. I have the same desire especially when The Alien Wash Robot is doing well (5% return per month in this trading period) on a semi-auto mode.


Redesign of The Alien Wash Robot 

First phase development – Dec 2017 to 15 Jan 2018

As part of Tflow concepts, we use higher timeframe levels and signals to find a lower timeframe trigger. The Alien Wash Robot works in the same way – a Day signal will guide the direction of entry in lower timeframe. To prevent false signals and improve reliability of each signal, I had many filters built in for testing.

This first phase (version 1) concluded that many filters were useless and I had to start a second phase of fine tuning base on the first test.

Second phase development – 21 Jan 2018 to 4 Feb 2018

During this second phase (version 2), I added a new pattern – TAW 2 into trading. Thus there are more signals produced. TAW Robot is able to take a lot more trades and  thus not miss out those profitable trades. Average testing  on a H1 entry in EURUSD is about 2.2 profit factor. But there are too many correct trades, yet these trades are not able to close out quick if price movement was short- live (this is the current nature of the market now, isn’t it?). Yet closing these trades too fast might mean not being able to ride on those super momentum movement.

During this period, my programmer decided not to work on this project due to personal reason. Probably because of personal reason, there were also lots of bugs in version 2.

However, if you look at where and how new TAW opens trades, you will know why I’m desperate for The Alien Wash EA to be ready.

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The Alien Wash Robot opens trades at tipping/turning point with least stop loss. It is able to ride a trade when momentum comes. However, in version 2, main weakness was not able to exit a short-live trade fast. 


Why I’m desperate to have The Alien Wash Robot ready fast 

Third phase development – 04 Feb 2018 – till now

I spent lots of time in solving bugs and working with programmers – sometimes until wee hours. Sometimes I feel that I’m those mad scientist with crazy hair.

Nice part was yesterday 4 Feb 2018, I have started programming on third phase (and probably the final phase) of The Alien Wash Robot with these features:

  1. Trades in lower timeframe (e.g. H1 in the direction of higher timeframe)
  2. Able to detect trend change intelligently and stop trading
  3. Ride a trade fully when strong momentum comes (full impulse movement)
  4. Exit a trade at break even or small profit when movement at sub-waves (no range or no inertia)
  5. Time stop
  6. Time controlled entry
  7. Intelligent trailing
  8. Optional reversal exit
  9. Added one more The Alien Wash entry
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Meantime, install The Alien Wash indicator here. You will see super nice entry when boxes confirmed trend. The Alien Wash indicator been there all along.