Robot Development Diary #4 – Summarising Performance of The Alien Wash Forex Robot

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Random human behaviour, random trading? 

Humans are full of emotions. That’s also why many cried when watching K-dramas. The fact that we are full of emotions makes us also very emotional in our trading (at least for many students I’ve met). Emotions as an outcome of our fear and greed.

When greedy, one ignores rules and opens trades randomly.

When fearful, one retreats and rejects trades that fulfil rules.


Managing trades systematically with Expert Advisors/Robot

An outcome of our random behaviour in trading is inability to apply trading rules consistently to open a trade. Thus, out of 10 trades that met trading rules, maybe 5 trades were opened. The remaining were either rejected base on fear or some random reasons.

However, with an expert advisor or robot, rules are never twisted because machine does not have emotions. To machines or robots, one plus one is always two. In their world, they only have zeros and ones.


The Alien Wash Performance – 100% auto opening of trades, with minimal human monitoring

The Alien Wash Robot was launched early October 2017. I’ve been running it on a $10,000 live account. As this robot is most suitable when market is not ranging, soon after account dipped to $9000 equity. I continued running The Alien Wash. In about 1.5 months later, account equity is back to $10,700. This is about 5% return monthly.

Most important, automation (in the case of The Alien Wash) helps to overcome random behaviour and outcomes of randomness. Trades are opened accordingly to rules. Going forward, I will be managing The Alien Wash Robot more closely to improve it’s return.


Results and trades from The Alien Wash

I do not believe that 100% unmanned robot will work out in the long term.

Currently, we are running another robot (The Alien Gift) live in our accounts. One account which is fully managed by us is returning 17% in half a month. We are happy with this performance.

Now, for students in The Alien Room, you are equipped with The Alien Wash Robot. You are educated and knowledgeable on how it works. There is no blackbox. The question is always, have you allowed these trades to happen?

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Updated: Performance of The Alien Wash EA on 20 Nov 2017

When I posted this post on 16 Nov 2017, equity was at $10693. 4 days later, equity stands at $11,239.

From our starting account of $10,000, this is a profit of 11.2% over 2 months.

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Things to note on money management:

  1. Each trade is risking 2% of available margin
  2. There is an auto function of interim shift of stop loss to protect potential losses
  3. Afterwards, if trade continues to run, there is a trailing stop loss to lock in profit if price reverses
  4. At anytime, user can change any of the trade management variables to manage this trade manually

For our team, we will let a trade run until it is near to super important level and take partial profit. Otherwise, it’s a set and forget trade. The only thing which we have to do – set it to run and check that at initial phase, trade is running properly.


Updated: Performance of The Alien Wash EA on 27 Nov 2017

When I posted this post on 16 Nov 2017, equity was at $10693. 4 days later, equity stands at $11,239.

We added a little more funds into this account as we are trading a little bit of The Alien Gift Forex Robot into this account. Still, majority of our trades are opened by The Alien Wash Forex Robot. On 27 Nov 2017 (1 week after my previous posting), account equity made another leap forward by $800 profit. Each time, our risk per single currency pair is 1.5-2%.

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The Alien Wash Robot is available complimentary to The Alien Room subscribers.

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From the trading desk of Binni Ong,
to your trading success,

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