The Alien Gift Robot EA Development Diary

The Alien Gift Robot Development Diary #3

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The Alien Gift Robot – Morning lifestyle

Today, I woke up, feeling achieved as I had many positions filled last night (initiated by The Alien Gift Robot also known as TAG). I wanted to know what kind of trades TAG placed for me today (TAG will overnight close and previous price pattern to formulate buy or sell levels).

However, to remind every trader: knowing that a trade has been placed does not remove my responsibility from checking that these trades are good and potentially profitable. Still, I need to check through these trades. 

But I know that time required for these tedious trade processes has been reduced by 70% with the help of TAG because it will auto calculate lot size, auto determine entry, stop loss and target profit. I will just have to decide whether to remove those trades placed according to my analysis.

TAG placed 2 trades (GBPCAD and GBPAUD) in the morning before I’m even awake. These trades are limit orders so I have plenty of time to check them later.

Upon checking, I decided to remove these limit orders and wait for clearer signs. Trade direction is also not in line with what I’ve mentioned in The Alien Room webinar the night earlier.  So no TAG trade for me today.


The Alien Gift Robot – Afternoon lifestyle

Daughter sick. She is at home and so I didn’t really have much time to work. At 3 pm, a new TAG alert came together with TAW alert.

The 3pm alert is usually on European indexes. Indeed, there was a sell alert in DAX30 -German Index.

This is when I turned on my computer and check out new alert. I had a quick glance (probably about 30 seconds). I don’t like a super counter trend trade. So I deleted these orders in my account.

TAG has already calculated lot size, entry price, stop loss and placed this limit order for me. Since I didn’t want to do a super counter trend trade, my only action is to delete these orders. It took me less than 30 seconds.

The Alien Gift auto places limit orders according to Tflow strategy and setting
The Alien Gift auto places limit orders according to Tflow strategy and setting

Trading Automation = freedom from trading

I am not looking for a golden goose in trading. Even if it’s a real goose, there’s still a need to feed it, isn’t it?

However, many traders are not realistic about real benefits of automation in trading – often they thought that any robot or expert advisor will make them money.

Think of automation in trading as assisting your trading processes. If you do not have time to place a trade, let it handles mundane work such as calculating lot size, placing orders, managing orders such as placing stop loss and target profit. There could be many things that automation could achieve which human trades can’t. One will be speed.

For that, I’ve built TAG to trail entry according to trading setup so that it can catch that fearful spike in happened during the initial 1 -2 seconds before impactful data. This is how TAG traded on CADJPY during Canadian employment data.


The Alien Gift Robot will be launched soon

Everything is ready, just going through last phase of live testing.

I am also running optimisation across various trade models. Meanwhile, if you like to know more, follow us in twitter or G+.

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The Alien Gift Robot is available complimentary to The Alien Room subscribers. More about The Alien Gift Robot here.

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From the trading desk of Binni Ong,
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