UMS Holdings insider movement

UMS Holdings – recovering OEM in semiconductor industry, attractive dividend yield and insider movement

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Overview of UMS Holdings

Profile extracted from Bloomberg

UMS Holdings Limited provides equipment manufacturing and engineering services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of semiconductors and related products. The Company manufactures high precision components and complex electromechanical assembly and final testing services. UMS supports the electronic, machine tools and oil and gas industries.

It’s key client is Applied Materials. Recently, it had a successful renewal of Endura contract for another 3+3 years, providing diversity to it’s customer base. According to DBS research, the company has an “attractive prospective yield of 6.5%”


Applied Material Chart

Let’s talk a look at Applied Material Weekly Chart. It has a strong uptrend and price just break out of it’s 52 week high.

Applied Material broke 52 weeks high
Applied Material broke 52 weeks high


Dividend Yield & Bonus Issue

Dividend yield has been around 5-6% since 2011. It is also going xD on 9 Oct with 1 cent per share. With strong 2Q17 earnings (+77% y-o-y), the company is also proposing a 1 for 4 bonus issue (Businesstimes).


Insiders Acquiring

A look at it’s key management of UMS Holdings (extracted from UMS Holdings website). Luong Andy is CEO and Loh Meng Chong, Staley is Group Financial Controller.

Why is it important to have a look into key management team? They know UMS financial and outlook the best. Not to mention that recently Luong Andy bought 300,000 shares and Stanley Loh bought 50,000 from open market just before price surged from $0.91 to $1.02 in less than 3 days. See disclosure of interest for Luong Andy here and Stanley Loh here.

Why is it important to know about Insider movement and why is particularly Luong Andy and Stanley Loh purchase price important for price movement in UMS Holdings. Read here if you have a valid The Alien Room subscription. 

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Price chart on UMS Holdings

Price has gone up on a steady uptrend. Price corrected downwards but on a weekly perspective, it is still showing higher high and higher low. Thus uptrend maintains.

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Important Support Resistance levels for The Alien Room subscribers

UMS Holdings shows a nice uptrend and considerable insider interests. Price is well supported by a very important support levels.

In this chart here, I marked in a support level and a resistance level which are key to this stock. These levels are identified with Tflow® Strategy.

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Open super important chart on UMS Holdings here.

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From our first posting on UMS – Price up 20% from our post in less than a month

UMS made a stunning upwards move immediately after we posted. Price in updated chart is different because it has been adjusted for bonus issue. The Alien Room members are updated with super important price chart. To open this super important price chart on UMS, you need to have a valid The Alien Room subscription.

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