The Alien Gift

TheAlienGift Forex Robot 1.0 development diary entry #1

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This post was originally created and posted on Google Plus on 18 October 2017.


  • TAW refers to my first EA project for OnlineForexMaster named TheAlienWash. TAW looks for turning points.
  • TAG refers to my second and latest EA project TheAlienGift which is the subject of this post. TAG looks for trend following entries.
  • TAG and TAW are Forex Robots or Expert Advisors built for auto trading on MT4. TAW is built to assist trade opening and trade management. TAG Robot is built to trade 100% auto with option for traders discretion.
  • TAW is already available to subscribers. TAG is under testing and optimisation right now.


EURUSD and TheAlienGift

After incubating for a long time, after gaining many years of experience in creating expert advisors and indicators, the first version of TAG is ready.

Good news – TAG is a 100% automated EA. Meaning that you can run it as it is. However, there is still option for manual override as always.

TAG works on TFlow strategy – flow and retracement. Trades in H1 and H4 timeframe. It has very stringent risk management rules – 10 key points:

  1. Auto and fix lot
  2. Limit trades by controlling account drawdown
  3. Split orders into 3 tickets, thus 3 different target prices (TP) for maximum profit
  4. Trailing entry price and will be adjusted base on tick (it adjusts entry price and lot size by seconds)
  5. Step trailing of TP (adjust TP by seconds)
  6. Interim protection of position by shifting stop loss SL
  7. Auto shift SL to break even on first TP
  8. Entry is via limit orders only thus avoid invalid price and non-fill
  9. On a risk of 2% of a $10,000 account, average lot size is about 0.3
  10. Trades on all pairs, commodities (metal and soft)


Currently, I’m working on settings optimisation. There might be a need to optimise and maintain different ratios on majors, minors and crosses (non-FX too).

TheAlienGift Forex Robot 1.0 performance screencap
TheAlienGift Forex Robot 1.0 performance screencap


How TAG complements TAW?

EURUSD – TAW had a bullish alert first at support, followed by a bearish alert at resistance. This is where price is trapped, thus I’ve removed both my limit orders. My intention is to watch.

TAG trades after a trend has established. After removing TAW, TAG hunts for trades once bearish trend confirmed. There was a confirmation on close. Early in the morning, before I even have an opportunity to place a trade, TAG already placed in limit order and gotten trades filled when I woke up (I consider myself waking up early).

In EURUSD trade, TAG Robot has already taken profit on TP1. It has also shifted stop loss to entry price (thus remaining 2 positions at risk free). TAG has also identified remaining 2 other TPs (see photos attached).




TAG was completed yesterday. I had it loaded into VPS last night to trade into today’s signals. So far, in 20 hours, TAG opened 5 trades with 1 trade still not filled.

Each trade has 3 tickets.

Currently, EURUSD and USDCHF reached first TP, thus remaining orders shifted to break even (risk free).

Remaining 3 trades (USDSGD, GBPAUD and GBPUSD) reached interim TP and had SL tightened (thus reduce risk exposure and improve Reward/Risk Ratio).

These trades are running in non-optimised settings and I will be setting TAG into live account later tonight on first set of optimised setting to test it’s performance. See photos on performance.

One more thing, because TAG orders are 100% limit orders, a test in demo account is as good as live account (just discount a bit of slippages here and there).

I will continue with live testing this version of TAG on various optimised back-testing results and hopefully, 2 weeks later, will be able to launch it to our community. (Note, previously had quite a number of TAG EA programmed too.


The amount of monitoring, replacement of orders and mathematical calculation in #TAG is so intensive that human power and speed cannot match it 😛