The Alien Gift

TheAlienGift Forex Robot 1.0 development diary entry #2

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  • This post was originally created and posted on Google Plus on 20 October 2017 at 12.25am.
  • Development diary entry #1 of TheAlienGift Forex Robot 1.0 here.
  • TAW refers to my first EA project for OnlineForexMaster named TheAlienWash. TAW looks for turning points.
  • TAG refers to my second and latest EA project TheAlienGift which is the subject of this post. TAG looks for trend following entries.
  • TAG and TAW are Forex Robots or Expert Advisors built for auto trading on MT4. TAW is built to assist trade opening and trade management. TAG Robot is built to trade 100% auto with option for traders discretion.
  • TAW is already available to subscribers. TAG is under testing and optimisation right now.


An EA that shifts entry price, stop loss and position size by the nano seconds can do this!

10 hours ago, New Zealand labour party managed to form government, first time in 9 years.

This caused NZD to plunge.

Well, except for existing trade on AUDNZD long by TAW (which seriously, I waited for long), I didn’t catch any trade on NZD short.



Wait, it is not that I didn’t, I sort of knew that NZD is going to drop (really not on hindsight) so put in #TAG Robot to long EURNZD and short NZDCAD, but a stupid bug killed my golden goose.

TheAlienGift Robot is built to modify (delete, insert) entry price EP, stop loss SL and lot size by the nano-seconds. Yes, nano-seconds. This is something where machines are able to do so, but human can’t.


TheAlienGift Forex Robot trails entry price, stop loss and position size by nanoseconds
TheAlienGift Forex Robot trails entry price, stop loss and position size by nanoseconds


By right, TAG Robot will trail it’s limit price and base on strategy tester, this a long trade was filled right at point before price burst up. It means a lot to me…because all testings are on a demo and live account.


Thats a 300 pips opportunity cost!!!


Good thing is…I found this small little bug hidden with a 300 pips opportunity cost.

See the buggy screenshot before bug fix and how TAG trails EP by nano seconds and hit right at bottom.