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Outsource your trading weaknesses to The Alien Wash Robot

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Evolution with Technology Advancement – our daily life integrated with Robots and Machines

It is not difficult to find technology integrations into our daily life as we evolve deeper into research and advancement. Coming from an academic background in research (I spent two years in university to complete my Masters degree with extensive research in the program), I am often overwhelmed by how our lives has evolved as I looked into history.

For example, I remembered using a broom made by the soft part of coconut husk to sweep those corridors of the “attap house” in Lim Chu Kang kampong which I stayed in my childhood days. After some time, I was using a vacuum cleaner to “sweep” my house. Now, I just have to switch on my robotic vacuum cleaner and that robot will go around my house to start “sweeping” (without my involvement).

That’s how “sweeping” evolve in the past 25 years.

I want to make this leap forward for my forex trading as well.


Outsource my weaknesses to The Alien Wash Robot

I built The Alien Wash Robot for myself, to outsource my weaknesses but not my strength to this robot.

After automating most of my trades to The Alien Wash Robot, I didn’t spend less time working. But I spent less time in analysing each trade, thus I was able to spend my time doing many other things.  This is crucial to me. I needed to maximise my time, so I could be more efficient to do a lot more things.

Basically, I OUTSOURCED those tedious work of trading, including outsourcing my psychology, my fear and my greed to Robot. The Alien Wash Robot now monitors 24 hours by 5 days trade opportunities and also manages my existing trades. I spent less time and energy (thus less stress) to monitor my trades.


Warning -Be realistic of a trading robot

I have seen, in my decade in the Forex training industry, that many traders are not realistic about their desire of a trading robot.

These traders expected Robots to perform miracles, to make them lots of money by just switching it on and forever. Eventually their trading failed, they lost their money and they condemned that trading robots don’t work.

The truth is – I’ve not seen trading robots to be profitable without a trader active involvement. (On the side note, it is difficult to be involved actively in a trading robot if this robot is bought off the shelf and you knew nothing about its logic.)

I automated my strategy, created The Alien Wash Robot as an aid to overcome and outsource my weakness. My students, who will be receiving this Robot complimentary, will know it’s logic and thus can have active involvement. To manage a robot so you could be more profitable, a trader has to manage trading robot(s) by:

1. Having one or more robots running at the same time, but to cater to different market conditions
2. Retaining certain control of your robots, especially on when a trade should be opened, whether to open in a single direction (buy or sell only) or both direction

There could be many variations of how you could be profitable with a trading robot. But from my observation so far, I’ve not seen the ideal happening – switch on and make money without doing anything.


Never outsource my trading strength, never lose control of a trade

I’ve automated most of my trades to The Alien Wash Robot. But I’m a person who are scare of losing control of my trades too. So I control when a particular trade should be opened, while I let Robot handles tedious work like calculate trade size, where to place orders, where to place stop loss, manage target profit via a trail stop and shift my winning trades to risk free automatically.

If you are a working professional and also a dedicated mother/father, you will love these automation (see it as extra help) while your children and work screamed for your involvement and attention.


I would never have gotten 800 pips profit on GBPJPY if not for The Alien Wash Robot

Think about our weaknesses – not able to monitor 24 hours a day, greedy, scare, too many market noises etc.  Our weaknesses reduce our profitability during trading. Often, it is our psychology that is our greatest enemy and not a trading method.

The fact is, “I would have NEVER NEVER lasted a profit of 800 pips each for my trades on GBPJPY or GBPCHF.  But The Alien Wash Robot did that for me. I outsourced my weaknesses to her!”

My trading process: I decide whether Robot should open a particular trade for me. So base on my analysis, I decided that GBPJPY and GBPCHF is good for an entry. After robot opened these trades for me, that’s when I totally outsourced my weaknesses to robot. I don’t look at it, I don’t attempt to close my trades early base on my perceptions. Robot manages my trades according to rules I set. I didn’t attempt to break any of my rules.


Trading results so far

Fact : If it’s me only (human), I am not able to manage so many trades at one time. Thus I will always choose not to open too many trades. But with The Alien Wash Robot, it took away a huge part of tedious stressful work from me (it’s about outsourcing my weakness and one of my weaknesses will be lack of physical and mental strength). So I had six Japanese Yen trades opened in a 2 weeks period with results below:

CHFJPY is currently the only trade that was stopped out recently.
But hey, The Alien Wash Robot opened another 5 winning trades on Yen

Buy #AUDJPY +123 pips
Buy #CADJPY +326 pips
Buy #EURJPY +179 pips
Buy #GBPJPY +879 pips
Buy #NZDJPY +150 pips

Sell #CHFJPY -182 pips

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Improving profitability – understanding my strategy

Coming to 22 years of my trading life (I’m not that old, I just started early), I understand my weaknesses in my trading. So I built The Alien Wash to help overcome my weaknesses. Most importantly, The Alien Wash Robot is a realistic Robot because it is realistic about it’s approaches to the Forex market. By itself, it is built to predict and spot turning points (essentially to buy at lowest and sell at highest). It’s strength is the relatively low risk compared to high potential reward. The Alien Wash Robot attempts to ride a major swing in price movement. The chart below in GBPUSD best illustrates how The Alien Wash Robot works (by the way, these arrows and ticks never repaint).

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Hedging Function in The Alien Wash Robot 

CHFJPY losing trade was not in a bad shape with hedging feature after all.

The Alien Wash Robot has a hedging feature built in. So if you like to hedge a position, then Robot will open another trade in opposite direction. So your trade will be hedged in a way. As you could see, after being stopped out of a losing sell trade, price burst up after a buy order was opened. Thus the loss on CHFJPY was minimised!

Not so bad. I actually outsourced my slowness and indecision to a Robot that opens trades without emotions. Just rules.

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The Alien Wash Robot 1.22 will be launched on 18 Sep 2017 to all The Alien Room subscribers with a valid subscription. It is complimentary to our subscribers. Existing subscribers fill in the form here to receive The Alien Wash Robot license key.

Subscription to The Alien Room is as low as $SGD 48 per month. See pricing here

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The Alien Wash Robot 1.22 is just the first Robot that onlineforexmaster is launching. We will be working on adding more profitable setups to it. Furthermore, we are already working on our second robot to overcome weaknesses (due to different market conditions) of The Alien Wash Robot and thus improving overall profitability.