Features of MT5 from Phillip Futures

The F(ea)tures of MetaTrader MT5

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is the latest in the MetaTrader series of platforms offered by MetaQuotes. If you have always been keen to know what MT5 has to offer, here are 5 reasons why Phillip MetaTrader 5 may be the platform of choice for you.
Features of MT5 from Phillip Futures

5 Reasons YOU Should Use Phillip MetaTrader MT5

  1. With automated trading, you need not sit in front of your PC all day. Expert Advisors (EA) will be able to analyse price charts and trade automatically according to rules set by you.
  2. Test out your automated strategies in double quick time. An improved built-in MT 5 Strategy Tester lets you test and optimise your trading robot before you use it for real trading. It not only tests the efficiency of an EA, it also detects the best input parameters before you run the EA on your real account.
  3. Sleep well knowing that your trading account is protected against unauthorised access. MT5 accounts are secured with two-factor authentication (2FA), the most advanced security system.
  4. Greater variety of order types and order fill policy to empower your trading. Order types include Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Stop Limit and Sell Stop Limit.
  5. Drill down to the details with 21 time frames, from one-minute to monthly charts. Simply choose the most suitable type of quote visualisation to trade and analyse quotes more efficiently.

Sign up for the MT5 platform now to enjoy zero commission and tight spreads. Click HERE to request for a free demo, or call (65) 6538 0500 for more details. For more queries regarding the platform, you may click here.

Should you have any other query, you may contact our Marketing Desk at (65) 6538 0500 or email futures@phillip.com.sg.