Summary of May, June and July 2017 The Alien Room Trade Performance

May, June and July were another winning months. We didn’t achieve those stunning wins of more than 1000 pips a month, but I am still happy that we manage a good positive in a tight consolidation month.

What change?

A good method don’t change over time.  A good method stands the test of time.I didn’t change Tflow to suit changing trading condition. That’s what Tflow is capable about.

However, with launch of The Alien Wash indicator and members have accessed to it where they are able to hunt for trades, I didn’t want to replicate my thoughts with signals by The Alien Wash indicator. So trades from The Alien Room gets lesser in a way. But if you have The Alien Wash, I’m sure you like the results.

Here’s what seniors from TerraSeeds wrote to me about The Alien Wash results:

Hihi Binni, just want to write a note to thank you for the TAW. It has been wonderful for the past one half mth to be able to enter trades that has excellent win ratio. To be able to reenter trades for pairs that are trending with precision n tight sl at truebull and truebear levels.
Also to be able to catch a reversal at the first truebull and ride it all teh way down is just excellent
Thank you !


If you like to have The Alien Wash indicator, it comes complimentary with The Alien Room subscription.  One subscription, many additional products and services. If you are our members, hurry get it here.

The Alien Room May 2017 Results

Nett win of 627 pips.

The Alien Room Trade Performance May 2017
The Alien Room Trade Performance May 2017

The Alien Room June 2017 Results

Nett win of 462. Note that this month was UK election. There’s extreme volatility in GBP which I took various positions on. Went for a one week holiday, so closed some positions early.

The Alien Room June 2017 Performance
The Alien Room June 2017 Performance profited 462 pips


The Alien Room July 2017 Results

Drastically lesser trades in The Alien Room, as members have The Alien Wash to provide semi-automated signals.

The Alien Room July 2017 Performance
The Alien Room July 2017 Performance

I announced all my wins and losses publicly
. Download any of the trade diary and you could see detailed record of wins and losses. See trade performance and diary here.

Summary of The Alien Room Performance

The Alien Room Trade Results 2016-2017
The Alien Room Trade Results 2016-2017

One thing you should know about The Alien Room trade performance

1. Can’t keep staring at screen. Semi-automation and ultimately full automation is the way to stress-free trading

I started trading and investing at a young age of 17 years old. When I first started, I was full of enthusiasm and energy. As I moved into my 23rd year of trading, the level of energy starts declining and I knew that in order to move with market advancement, certain amount of automation is required.

Therefore, moving towards semi-automation is a natural path and is a MUST-DO thing for myself.

I started to lay out programmable rules of my methods and created countless of indicator and expert advisors. The Alien Wash is a price action setup that’s really profitable and it’s made available to all my members.

Feedbacks have been great and if you have not tried it, please try out The Alien Room plan  so you could get The Alien Wash too. For a long time, I’ve been struggling whether to launch The Alien Wash or just to keep this wonderful, powerful method to myself. But I like to live a legacy and I love that my students are making money.

The Alien Wash can also be used in Indexes and commodities
The Alien Wash can also be used in Indexes and commodities

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