Forex Trading and Automation with The Alien Gift – great way to trade for working professionals

Time is limited

You have to agree with this statement that time is limited.

We can’t be dracula or vampire, where we can live forever. There’s so much things that I like to do, but so little time. Many of us are drown by our work, our commitment, our children….that we wish to have another 48 hours in a day.

The same to forex trading.

I wish to have lots of time to analyse many trades, to go through tons of data so to pinpoint that ultimate winner. Yet, with limited time, it’s not too possible.

This is when I need automation and machines to help in my forex trading. Imagine, with a push of button, machines can calculate complex formulas and tons of historical data to arrive at a single level or direction. Well, welcome to the world of The Alien Gift.

[cs_space size=”35px”]Alerted by The Alien Gift, GBPAUD 200 pips profit within 36 hours

#GBPAUD was a trade that was alerted by #thealiengift and this trade is a 200 pips win! Don’t believe it? Well, I talked about this trade live in 4M class conducted on Tuesday 25 April 2017.

This trade reached profit target of 200 pips within 36 hours of entry.

To me, all along, I do not believe in sticking my face to computer screen and trade all day long. #Thealiengift helps to improve my quality of life so much! That’s because, it alerts me to trades and I won’t miss a trade with hot pipping pips.


GBPAUD Trade +200 pips in 36 hours

GBPAUD +200 pips in 36 hours
Learn and trade
Learn and trade
Learn and trade
Learn and trade. Bingo!

Good news #Thealiengift will be available soon!


From the trading desk of Binni Ong,
to your trading success,

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