Summary of March 2017 The Alien Room Trade Performance

Looking back at March 2017, this is also the time where prices broke out of consolidation and started to move, especially JPY crosses.

A student once told me:

Tflow® can make tons and tons of money when there’s a trend.


But I like to clarify, Tflow is equally good in a reversal or range situation. Those who are very experienced are usually able to trade in a reversal or range situation well enough too. This is not too true for newbie – trending condition is still more forgiving to a newbie.

Then, what will happen to prices before a trend starts?

That’s when there will be period of consolidation and no-direction movement.

This is the time when one bites hard and hope this nasty ranging situation will end and trend will start soon. This is also the time where I purposely have a tight stop loss for my trades. You will realise that stop loss are relatively smaller, with higher frequency of being stopped out.

To me, this is pretty much fact of market. There are different phases in market – sometimes we open mouth wide to eat, sometimes  we nibble at our stockpile. 

Review into March 2017 Results

March 2017 had a nett win of 1015 pips. Winning pips was 1366, losing pips was 351. There was total 31 trades, but 5 trades were cancelled because they were not filled, while 3 trades were brought to April 2017 as they were not closed in month of March.

I announced all my wins and losses publicly. Download any of the trade diary and you could see detailed record of wins and losses. See trade performance and diary here.

March 2017 Trade Records

The Alien Room March 2017 Trade Performance

Summary of The Alien Room Performance

Jan 2017 was a losing month. Feb 2017 was a winning month - both tabulation will be available later

As a personal principle, I do not want to waste time analysing losers. I prefer to spend time understanding how to repeat winners. You buy biography books of successful people and read their SUCCESS STORIES isn’t it? You read them, pick up traits and habits of what make them outstanding. So what’s the point of analysing losers? 

Four things you should know about March 2017 trade performance

1. Fat Finger – Jan and Feb 2017 results not available yet

Jan and Feb 2017 were tabulated, but I accidentally deleted the file and was not able to retrieve it. Why? Well, I can’t blame anyone but myself for being careless to delete that file. However, looking back to what happened straight after Chinese New Year (late of Jan and early of Feb), I couldn’t help but laugh at the fatty mess I got myself into. At least, fat finger don’t only happen to trades!

Jan 2017 was a losing month, while Feb 2017 was a winning month. Not forgetting March 2017 won more than 1000 pips. And April 2017 currently is also up more than 1000 pips. See April 2017 results till 12 April below.

April 2017 The Alien Room Trade Results until 12 April
April 2017 The Alien Room Trade Results until 12 April

2. Big loser – Out of 5 trades, 4 win 1 loss. I decided to give up.

Somebody wrote on the Internet, during the month of Aug 2016, followed a total of 5 trades in The Alien Room. Out of 5 trades, 4 win 1 loss. The person decided to give up and analyse why these trades are wrong. Most important, the person STOPPED following because results are not as good as claimed.

First, let’s talked about results. Yes, Aug 2016 was a nasty consolidation where I decided to trade the tight stop loss style. So we had many trades that were stopped out. See Aug performance here.

Our nett win was also miserable at only 243 pips profit!

But this is part and parcel of trading. There are ups and downs, there are periods where it is not good for certain methods. What’s most important, is to keep losses small and manageable. 

When you look at fund performance, did you look at a record of 5 or 10 years track record? If that fund manager has been making money for 5 years out of 10 years, but nett return of these 10 years is still a stunning win, you will be happy and impress, isn’t it?

However, this does not apply here (to me). Nett loss of a few hundred pips in few weeks, The Alien Room trades were being condemned! Hey, you treated your super well paid fund manager even nicer even they return a meagre 6% per annum. 

Let me remind, that in Sep, Oct and Nov 2016, immediately after Aug where prices were consolidating, we had a total of 3732 pips win. This person just gave up a golden goose!

3732 pips won after Aug 2016
3732 pips won after Aug 2016

3. Only a handful tweeted about winning trades. They don’t talk about losing trades

I am grateful when my students or members tweeted about winning trades. But I will not ask them to tweet, nor encourage them to share only winners. I told my students – tell the truth, whether it’s win or loss. 

However, if they don’t want to tweet or share, I can’t do anything.

So if you see only a handful who tweeted, then these are people who took the effort, who are appreciative. But if you been in this industry for long, you know that winning is taken for granted.

There will probably only be reaction when there’s losing trades, or when trades don’t go well at the moment.

But win is a win, loss is a loss. Words will spread. Eventually, people will know. I also hope that there’s acknowledgment for my hardwork – like a pat on the back or a internet “muak”. I’m ok now if there’s no reaction too.

Now there’s probably less reason to tweet or share, because maybe everybody is super busy.

Monster win in shorting nikkei225. I'm thankful for these G+ comments

4. Someone asked me in facebook or twitter, whether Tflow® can make money? What should I reply?

This question was asked in front of  a class of 30 people who were attending lesson.

My reply: tell the truth

Later the student who asked me the question came to me privately and showed me his facebook messenger message with a prospective customer.

Customer: Hi, I like to know more about Tflow®? Can this method make money?

Student: Yes but you need to attend lesson and understand how to apply. Most important follow Binni. But I didn’t make a lot of money yet.

Customer: Why?

Student: Because I didn’t follow properly. But I know my friend followed her and made lots of money until he quitted his job.

Customer: Wow. Can you introduce your friend to me?

There could be lots of interpretation to this discussion. For now, let’s put this conversation to a tuition teacher setting. I compare my service to that of a tuition teacher in Singapore. That’s because, with a price of $48 per month (annual plan) for The Alien Room or even a one month plan of $120 per month, it’s cheaper than employing a tuition teacher a month in Singapore. Even for Master Forex Course fee of SGD 1200 that comes with 6 months The Alien Room, that’s the tuition fee paid for primary school tuition per month.

Let’s come back to this conversation. Someone said there’s this wonderful, amazing tuition teacher who is great in coaching students to get good grades. Would you ask for the tuition teacher contact or ask for the student who being taught by this tuition teacher?

Logically, in a task-oriented behavior, you will want to contact tuition teacher and ask how things could improve for your child.

Anyway, action speaks louder than words. If you want, take a look at our trade performance here.

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